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Life After Death

April 30, 2013
By Zero GOLD, Langley, Washington
Zero GOLD, Langley, Washington
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A dark damp hallway, dim lights faintly glow as I wander down what seems to be a hallway of an old abandoned motel. Room number hang loosely, some by a single screw struggling to hang on.
I hear a hushed laughter from a young girl around the corner. She pokes her head out but darts back giggling as if we are playing hide and seek.
I turn around the corner where I saw her but she wasn't there. A hear a chuckle come from behind me. I turn around but nothing is there, nothing but the empty hallway. I stumble around trying to follow her laughter, trying to find her but I just can't win. I am her puppet in this play.
Collapsing to the ground, my heads spins. I still hear her laughter mocking me. The laughter swirls around in my head giving my head quite an ache. I get up and decide to find a way out of this torturous place.
The hallways around me all end in dead ends, all but one. I turn around the corner to the very hallway I first started at and I see at the very end of the hallway is a door. The door is a cold rough metal,like a door to a freezer in a restaurant.
I quickly open the door unleashing bright light that would blind me if I were in here too long. The laughter in my head has ceased but quiet whispers begin to pull me in. I try to go in, but some force holds me back as if I'm not ready, as if it's not my time.It feels like an invisible leash is around my neck and will not let me go passed a certain length.
Turning away from the door the scenery before me changes. I am no longer in the abandoned motel hallway but now in nothing. Nothing at all just darkness surrounds me with silence so peaceful. "Am I dead?", "What happened?". I couldn't possibly be dead, I have no memory of it or of anything before the hallway. No memory of life nor death.
A soft angelic voice interrupts my thoughts. I can't understand what it's saying, it seems muffled. I hear only one word, "light" and with that, brightness erupts and surrounds me, taking me far away from the void. The light take me to a bed with big machinery and several people surrounding me.

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