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The Hallway

November 6, 2008
By Anonymous

Nancy was washing the dishes in the kitchen of the rental home she and her family had just moved into. It was a two story older home built in the 1920s. It was the only home available for rent in the small town of Cascade, Montana, while their new home was being built. It was just her and her two year old son Danny during the week, because her husband was the superintendent of the school district and her daughter Katie and son Scott were in school.

Every day she had the same routine; she would put Danny down for his daily nap then she would do the things around the house that needed to be done and when she finished with that she would check on him. One afternoon she went upstairs to check on Danny after she finished cleaning the house. When she walked into his room she was surprised because the light was on and he was standing by his crib pointing to the hallway. "Didn't I turn this off?" she thought before walking over to Danny and tucking him back in. She shut off the light, blew him a kiss and headed back downstairs to finish the dishes not thinking much of it. Throughout the week she started noticing little unexplainable things happening inside her house. Sometimes when she would go to check on Danny or change his diaper he would be standing up looking towards the hallway or the light would again be turned on when she had remembered turning it off. This was very confusing to her because she knew her son could not reach the light switch, nor could he climb out of his crib on his own.

One day she even went upstairs to find the faucet running in the bathroom by Danny's room, which scared her because she knew she would never just leave the bathroom forgetting to turn off the water. Another day she heard a loud crash and raced upstairs to see what it was. The mirror on the wall in the hallway had fallen to the floor and shattered into a million pieces. She was concerned for Danny waking to the loud noise so she went into his room and found him fast asleep. She cleaned up the mess as she thought about what could have caused the mirror to fall but there was no one in the house but her and Danny and she knew he couldn’t have done it. One day she went upstairs with the laundry and peeked into Danny's room expecting to find him asleep. Instead, he was out of his crib and sitting on the floor. This really scared her not just because he was out of his crib on the floor but because he was pointing behind her to the hallway repeating the word, "Guy." At that moment she felt a chill go through her body and froze. She was scared but turned around to check what it was and once again no one was there. It was a creepy feeling but she had no basis for thinking it was real.

A few weeks later she was in her front yard gardening when a neighbor walked by and commented about them renting the haunted house. After he introduced himself as Tom, Nancy asked what he meant, and invited him inside for some lemonade. She found out that her place used to be a boarding house where a murder had occurred in the hallway upstairs. She was really freaked out at that point because she knew the weird things that were happening could have possibly been from a ghost. That night she planned to shoo the ghost out of her house so at midnight she went upstairs to the hallway. She explained that she was sorry he was murdered but she needed him to leave her and her family alone. The light fluttered over and over again then finally shut off and she felt that the presence that was just in there was gone. After that night she had nothing to worry about because everything that had occurred before stopped and the ghost was finally gone for good.

The author's comments:
Well what to say? I live in Kali Montana. Teen ink is probably my favorite website!

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Thank you so much!

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throughout the story, i was very creeped out, lol!!! i like how it ended on a good note though. :D good job.