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November 13, 2008
By Anonymous

It was a nice day in the middle of September; Stewart had just got of work and planned to go down that night and camp until the next day. Stewart packed up his raft and his fishing supplies into the back of his old little battered up truck and headed out of town. He had made a left turn off the highway and down the little dirt road that headed up toward the mountains. Along the dirt road was a turn off to the national forest service road that lead toward the lake, the service road was muddy and bumpy and very narrow. After a while the road forked and the road he had to take was the one that went to the right, it was a very narrow, steep trail that was covered in giant Kelly humps that criss-crossed through it.

Stewart got out of his truck, turned in his hubs and put his truck into four wheel drive. He started up the trail as his truck bumped up and down and tilted from side to side severely almost on the verge of rolling. Ten minutes up the trail Stewart started to pick up speed in his truck and the trail seemed to smoothen out. He had made a narrow, sharp, blind corner when he noticed a small ditch in the trail and he slammed on his brakes but, it was to late and the front of his truck dove in sharply. A loud snap came from the front of his truck. Stewart got out quickly and took a look under the front and quickly noticed that the front axle had snapped in half. Now that Stewart is eighty-five miles out of town he didn’t have any cell phone service and he was still twenty miles away from the lake. It was starting to get dark so he set up his tent and went out on a hike through the forest to gather some fire wood. Stewart had found a trail that appeared to be well used, he followed it for about half a mile and it led down into a small gully that had what appeared to be an old abandoned bum shack that had one small window on the top. Stewart made his way down to the shack and opened the front door. He walked around inside, the shack reeked like rotten meat and blood. The shack was bigger inside and was more the size of a small house and had a stairway leading to a basement. Inside the shack there were ropes hanging from all the walls. There were what appeared to be large white sheets hanging from the walls that were drenched in blood, immediately Stewart knew this had to be a place someone killed people in. Stewart was startled and turned around to go outside; the door was shut and locked. He walked over to the houses only little peep hole window and tried to see if anyone was outside. Stewart turned around and saw what he thought was a skinny old man walking around in the shack with him, the creature turned and looked right at Stewart and kept walking around. Stewart knew the creature had to have been blind so he tried to be as quiet as he could. The creature walked downstairs into the shacks basement, Stewart crept over and tried to see what it was doing. He looked over in the corner of the basement and noticed a dead battered up body hanging from a noose. The creature hacked off the bodies legs and started eating the upper body raw and blood spattered all over and flung up into Stewart’s face. Stewart immediately ran at the door and attempted to knock it over. The door didn’t give and the creature heard the loud slam and lunged up the stairs and tackled Stewart, the creature was covered in blood and had huge sharp teeth. Stewart swung at the creature and knocked it off of him and started kicking the heck out of its limp body that was lying on the floor. Stewart tried to get out of the shack and managed to break down the door. It was pitch black out by now and he had to get back to his truck. Stewart had found his way back to the dirt trail his truck got stuck on and started walking back down it. Stewart got back to the ditch that his truck got stuck in but, his truck and his tent were no longer there. He thought this couldn’t be right, he was one hundred percent sure that it was the same spot all of his gear was stored at. Quickly Stewart rushed up and down the trail to see if he had just happened to be mistaken but after an hour and it being pitch black Stewart knew that he was doomed. His only hope of survival was to start a fire that could be used to signal for help. Although it was September the forest was still dry and he thought that it was his only hope. He ran back and forth throughout the woods using his pocket lighter to try and ignite the trees. Stewart didn’t care if he had to go to jail or be fined for arson, he just wanted to live. Before he knew it the forest was up in flames and burning rapidly and Stewart was growing tired. He couldn’t stay awake any longer and passed out just a few miles short of Hidden Lake. The fire wasn’t discovered until the next morning, fire crews didn’t have much trouble containing it because it was cold and the wind was still. The Fire crews and investigators searched the entire forest for a culprit to what started the fire. Nothing was found except an old abandoned shed. The shed was empty an appeared to have not been used in decades. Stewart Baxter was never seen or heard from again and Andre, the only person that knew Stewart went to Hidden Lake had disappeared.

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on Feb. 25 2013 at 2:59 pm
I like ur story! Keep it up dude...