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Shooting Star

December 3, 2008
By Anonymous

Sasha Nylon found herself staring what seemed like a gift from God. As many students were walking pass Sasha to get to class, they curiously wondered what Sasha saw in the plain looking, blue flyer plastered on her locker. Written on the flyer was an advertisement for the new play, “The Monet.” Middleton High School had a reputation of having an exceedingly well developed drama department. Anybody attending here knew they were lucky because most who apply for UCLA would definitely get in. But what most people didn’t know was that Sasha didn’t have any friends at this school. Sasha transferred from her old school a few months ago and couldn’t seem to find anybody to talk to. Everybody at Middleton were so cliquey. Sasha wanted desperately to make some friends at this school. She was tired of walking into her house and telling her parents she didn’t meet anybody. She was starting to get quite lonely.
When the bell rang for the dismissal of school, Sasha raced to the auditorium to pick up a script and find a good seat for the informational meeting for the play. Sasha hoped she could at least get a small role in “The Monet” so at least she can converse with someone. But when Sasha went to pick one up, she saw Miranda. “Oh great, what do I do now? Should I turn back? Or should I pretend I didn’t see her?” thought Sasha. Sasha is pretty patient person and it took a lot for her to dislike someone. But unfortunately, Miranda was one of those few. From the first day Sasha attended the school, Miranda shoved Sasha into a locker and yelled, “Go back to where you came from, NEWBIE!” Sasha back then didn’t know what she did to cause such anger to be rested on her and she still didn’t.
When Miranda saw Sasha picking up script she chuckled, “Look what the cat brought in everyone, Sasha Nylon.” “Is there something wrong with me picking up a script, Miranda?” asked Sasha. “No not at all, little Sah-shah. Don’t get you hopes up, the leading role you see there?” asked Miranda pointing at the script. “Well that’s reserved for me. So you can just cross that out on your script. After all, there’s no way you’d be able to get it with your tiny brain,” Miranda mocked. “But wait, do you even know how to read a script?” Miranda laughed which echoed as she left the auditorium.
The next day, Sasha was at her locker when all a sudden she heard a loud sigh. She looked over her and noticed it was Miranda who passed by her. Sasha noticed Miranda slumped as she walked. Sasha instantaneously ran over and asked, “What happened, Miranda?” Sasha asked. “I lost my script. I can’t seem to find it anywhere. Could it be possible for you to lend me yours for today?” said Miranda. Sasha hesitated a little, but felt sorry for Miranda so she responded cheerfully, “Of course you can, but I need it back by tomorrow morning, ok?” “Ok, I’ll meet you in the morning in front of the main door. Thanks so much!” replied Miranda in content. Sasha smiled the rest of the day, maybe she will finally have someone to talk to for the rest of the school year.
But the very next day, Miranda didn’t appear by the front entrance to give back Sasha’s script. Then it just struck Sasha, “Oh my goodness, how could I be so oblivious!” thought Sasha. Miranda is an actress, it’s obvious she was acting right in front of Sasha and Sasha fell into the trap. It was clear to Sasha now that Miranda never wanted to become her friend, but only wanted to take her script so she couldn’t audition. There was nothing Sasha could do now; the audition in a few hours and everybody is probably going to be holding their scripts like glue.
On the audition day, Sasha was a nervous wreck. She wasn’t sure if she should still audition. “Was it worth it?” thought Sasha. But just then, Miranda walked passed and waved at Sasha. “Thanks for your script, Sasha. What would I ever do if you didn’t give me your script,” Miranda winked but Sasha could tell there was a little bit of sarcasm in Miranda’s voice. As if Sasha just took a shot of Monster, she walked right to the sign up board and wrote her name. She was full of endurance now and written next to her name, she wrote, “Here to audition for: Camilla (the main role).” When Sasha’s name was called up, she walked up to the stage and read the lines of Camilla with as much enthusiasm as she could.

A week later, as Sasha was walking out of the school, she noticed the “The Monet” audition list was posted up. Sasha ran over and ran her finger down the list of parts. Surprisingly, she didn’t have to go far; she found her name near the top of the list. To Sasha’s bewilderment, as she moved her index finger across the paper to see what part she got she exclaimed, “HOLY ZOINKS!” Sasha continuously rubbed her eyes and followed her name to what part she got. She couldn’t believe it, she had made the leading role. “How is that even possible!?” Sasha asked herself out loud in astonishment. A grumbling voice answered her, “Well, I don’t know. You’re not supposed to have a role at all. Camilla’s role was supposed to be MINE. But thanks to you, I’ve dropped out of the play. I can’t stand the humiliation of having a NEWBIE taking my role.” Miranda placed her left hand on her forehead like she was going to faint. “What must I do so you will learn your lesson” Miranda questioned while snickering.
As Sasha was walking home, she was trying to forget what just happened at school. It made her confused what Miranda meant by “learning her lesson” but she thought it was best to just sway it away from her thoughts for now. Sasha noticed she was about to pass an ice cream shop. “Hmm, why not? I need a little bit of sugar to celebrate my hard work of making the leading role,” Sasha thought. “Yummm!” Sasha exclaimed delightedly as she ate the last spoonful of the ice cream.

For the next few weeks during rehearsals, Sasha became very helpful with the cast and crew. She helped the crew by putting up decorations and some of the actors who needed advice of ways to emphasize their parts. Sasha practiced with some of the cast and had a lot of fun. Just as Sasha wanted, she got along with the cast very quickly and she was happy to walk into Middleton with the pleasure of saying “Hello” to people.
But as well, in those same weeks, someone mysteriously planned a bucket of raw eggs to spill when she opened her locker, placed worms in her lunch when she wasn’t looking, stuffed rocks in her gym shoes, put a whoopee cushion inside the cushion of her seat in physics, and super glued her lock so it was impossible for her to turn her lock. Also with every prank came a little note telling Sasha that if she dropped out of “Monet,” all of the pranks will seize. But none of the pranks or notes from “the mysterious person” discouraged Sasha one bit because the thrill of people greeting her in the hallways made her feel all giddy inside.
But the day before the premiere of the play, as Sasha was walking to her locker after the dress rehearsal she noticed her locker was wide open with all her stuff spread all over the hallway. As well, there was a bunch toilet paper in her locker with what looked like a gigantic spider’s web made out of silly string. “What happened here?!” exclaimed Sasha in awe. Sasha couldn’t think of anybody who could have done this. Just then, Miranda passed by Sasha in the hallway jeering, “Wow Sasha, I didn’t know you were really such a drama queen. Did you have a melt down or something?” Sasha was in shock, clearly Miranda had did this. Nobody else Sasha knew would do such a thing to her.
On the day “The Monet,” was to premiere, Sasha couldn’t help thinking she felt someone was following her. But when she turned around, she didn’t see anybody. She was feeling quite paranoid. Everywhere she went, she felt someone’s eyes on her. That night, when Sasha came into the dressing room, there was a bouquet of yellow roses with an anonymous note addressed to her,” With every light, there’s darkness; Watch your back.” She was confused but she knew the show still needed to go on.

Finally, Sasha had her makeup and costume on. She felt butterflies in her stomach and she took several deep breaths to calm herself down. Suddenly, Peter, one of the backstage crew, knocked on her door to tell her it was the time. Sasha took one more deep breath and walked out of her dressing room. When Sasha got into place and was waiting for her cue to start, the lights suddenly went off. Then all a sudden, a gun shot is heard.

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