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The Reunion

December 7, 2008
By mmpritchard SILVER, Longmont, Colorado
mmpritchard SILVER, Longmont, Colorado
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Aiden, a famous transplant surgeon in New York, was about to accomplish one of the greatest moments in his life; a hand transplant surgery. The tiring 14 hour surgery was almost over. He just had to stitch up the remaining open flesh.

When he finally finished, the whole room cheered for him. He was so happy to be the youngest person to conduct a hand transplant. He could never do any more surgeries and still be happy. He ran his Caucasian hand through his short brown hair relieved. He was now off to a high school reunion with former friends. The trip would be relaxing, considering the long process he had just finished.

When he got home, he greeted his wife and went straight to bed. His almond brown eyes fell down and hung there tired and exhausted. He let out a long deep breath and let his long body drift away into a long relaxing sleep.

“Hun!”, his wife Sarah urged as she pushed him roughly to wake up, “You have to pack up, it's almost time to leave for the reunion. You only have one hour!”
Aiden slowly sat up. He squinted his eyes to block the bright light that shown through the large window. He stretched, then relaxed and jumped out his bed eagerly.

“Breakfast is on the table.”, Sarah called out.

“Oh, okay. Thanks.”
Aiden began dancing down the wide hall to the sleek, modern day kitchen. There waiting for him was a plate of whole-wheat waffles topped with an array of colorful fruit. On the side was a bottle of syrup and a glass of water. He devoured the breakfast. When he picked up the water,in it he could see a mid-aged man yelling to him, but no words were were coming out; then the image quickly faded when his wife yelled out to him.

“Did you enjoy breakfast?”

“Yes, it was very good... thank you.”

“You should probably say bye to the kids before we leave. They won't see us for three days. You know they can't live without us.”

“Right, right, the kids. I'll be right back!”
Aiden raced up the black and silver spiral staircase. His three year old twins ran up to him and jumped into his arms.

“Daddy!” they bellowed simultaneously.”When ah you gonna be back?” questioned one of the twins.

“In three days, three days...”

“Is that a long time?”

“No, we'll be back soon enough.”
The nanny called the twins to the bathroom to take a bath. They raced each other down the hall and disappeared behind the door.



When Aiden and Sarah arrived at the yacht dock in Rhode Island, they then saw the group of people waiting for them. The group wasn't very large, just about eight people total. They greeted their long lost friends. Hand shaking, talking, hugging, and laughter was evolving in the group of people.

About ten minutes later, the captain showed up. He was a short and chubby little man. His tanned skin was worn out and tired. And he had piercingly dark features. “Let's do a roll call to make sure everyone is here. Aiden Ross, Sarah Ross, Becky Johnson, Thomas Harry, Johny Cor, Marvin Jo, Sorn Sail, Sonya Rose, Madeline Shin, and Kelli Mark; that's 10 people aboard the yacht not including me.”

They all began to aboard the yacht as they walked across the narrow wooden bridge. They could tell that the route they were about to take was a narrow river. The land that surrounded the river was thick with trees, bushes, and wild plants.

When they were on the yacht, the captain led them to their private rooms. They yacht had a very contemporary theme to it. The carpet was very soft and was colored silver and white. The walls had a smooth texture and were colored black. There were many statues of modern and sleek art.
When they finally got to their rooms, they were shocked. The room themes did not match the rest of the yacht. It was like an English palace. It was the opposite of modern; it looked ancient.

Aiden and his wife were sharing a room. They unpacked their possessions quickly so that they could go downstairs to greet their friends and resume their conversation.

Reaching the lower level, Aiden saw someone he recognized, from his premonition! He saw the man that was screaming out at him from his glass of water just hours before. The man turned around and then noticed Aiden. He jogged toward Aiden and said “Haven’t seen you in forever man!” They both turned toward each other and shook hands vigorously. Aiden began getting nervous as he began contemplating of the premonition he had had. What if something bad was going to happen on the yacht? What if something was going to happen to his friend Thomas?

The yacht was released off the rope that kept it from drifting away into the long quiet river. The motor began to roar, and the yacht was off! They slowly drifted as the night went on. They told horror stories around the fireplace to make time pass.
“Hey, Aiden! Do you know where Becky is… because no one else has seen her; they don’t think she’s even on the yacht!” , exclaimed Thomas.

“Um… no, now that I think of it, I haven’t seen her anywhere.”

Suddenly, the yacht collided into the side of the river and all of the lights went out. The yacht moaned as it surged back. Screams could be apprehended throughout the yacht. The yacht slowly steadied out.
“What happened?”, Aiden yelled. Aiden heard voices on the deck. He ran fast to the deck. The deck was flooded with water. Aiden saw a swift movement in the thick brush but wasn’t sure what it was.

“Where’s the captain?” Aiden announced.

“Probably in his office.” Johnny Cor said.

Aiden, like an Olympic runner, ran to the captain's office. When he finally arrived, he noticed that the captain wasn’t there. He searched throughout the yacht but couldn’t find him. When he went down to the supply room ,the lowest level of the yacht, it was flooding. There was a small gash on the side of the yacht with water bursting through. He then heard the yacht start to moan again. It was going to capsize!

Aiden raced back up to the deck and announced his findings. Aiden told them that the yacht was slowly sinking and that it would be smart if they all went to look for help; it would dry their clothes.

They all jumped from the yacht and swam ashore. The night was as warm as a tropical island.

They all began walking through the thick brush tracing the way back… but they decided to try to take a shortcut. They got lost. No one had any communication with the outside world at all.

The night was getting cold and the tall trees let no moonlight in making it darker than the sky above them. All of the sounds of wild insects and animals could be heard. About half an hour in, they ran into a rotting old shed that appeared to be abandoned. The shed seemed to be as big as a medium sized bathroom. When they went inside, they found a pile of clothes dripping with a dark red liquid; blood. Suddenly, Sonya collapsed to the ground as soon as she saw the blood; the site of blood makes her dizzy or even pass out if it is bad enough. Everyone circled around her and began trying to arouse her. They tried everything but then someone poured a bottle of water on her and she quickly jumped up. She began furiously removing the water from her face and gasping for air. “Huh, wha… what happened?” she exclaimed.

“You passed out,” Aiden told her, “What happened to you?”

“Sorry, it's just, when I see blood, I don't react very well.”

Everyone helped her up. During the process, Thomas had been studying the bloody clothing; he discovered it was the captain's clothing!

“Guys, guys, this is the captain's clothing!” Thomas yelled. Everyone but Sonya ran into the shack to see the new discovery.

“Why is the captain's clothing here and why is it all bloody?” Sarah questioned, “Oh my gosh!”

“What.” Aiden said in a depressed manner. Sarah pointed to the bloody purse that belonged to Becky Johnson, the girl that had gone missing off the yacht. “ We need to go back to the yacht and see if the power is back on!” Sarah demanded. They all escaped out the shack to find Sonya missing!

“Sonya!” Thomas called out, “Where could she have gone?”

“This is getting very scary guys.” Sarah stated. Sarah found a black rose on the ground and picked it up. “Guys, I found a black rose; do you think it might mean something?”

“I found one too; it was in the shack.” Thomas stated.
The fear in the group was palpable. They sprinted back to the boat hoping to find something good for once. When they finally arrived, they noticed that four more people had gone missing along the way, but no one seemed to notice until the group formed up again. Along with that, they had found four more black roses. The only people remaining were Aiden, Sarah, Thomas, Sorn, and Kelli. They hurried inside the still dark and sinking yacht and searched for the captain. Suddenly they heard five big splashes. They all scurried to the deck and found the captain in new clean clothes. "What was that?" Aiden glared at the captain.

“Ha, ha! You finally caught me!” the captain laughed out.

“Caught you doing what!” the perplexed Aiden stated.

“That!” Sarah pointed over the side of the boat. There lied five lifeless bodies floating in the blood stained water. Kelli decided not to look at the horrifying site. “What…what'd you do!” Aiden screamed.

“Revenge.” The captain said evilly.

“Revenge for what?” Aiden said.

“Don't you remember Aiden; when your sister drowned in the lake.” the captain sneered. Aiden drifted into the horrible memories.
~~~ ~~~ ~~~

Aiden, who was 10, was swimming in the lake with the other neighborhood kids. They were splashing, playing, and having fun. Suddenly, Aiden's four year old sister fell into the water. The neighborhood bully, the yacht captain, had been standing right next to her. His sister was drowning. She was screaming, kicking, and splashing everywhere. Then her head was no longer visible. Her muffled screams could be heard; then it all went silent. Many little bubbles began rising to the spot she had went under.

Aiden blamed the yacht captain, because he was closest to her. There was a big trial. Aiden's rich family could afford all of the good lawyers. During the trials, Aiden realized that the bully had not committed the crime. The bully would do mean things, but he would not murder. But Aiden just stuck with the original story, afraid of what might happen if he suddenly changed it. The bully was incarcerated until he was eighteen.
~~~ ~~~ ~~~

“You remember, don't you! Who could forget something like that.” the captain spat out.

“I...I...don't know what you're talking about, you're crazy!” Aiden protested.

Suddenly, the captain ran off somewhere on the boat. “Where's he going? And what was he talking about?” Sarah said confused, “Aiden, what was that about ?”.

BOOM!The bottom part of the yacht exploded sending the big mass straight down. The boat was completely submerged underwater. All of the pressure of the sinking boat was bringing the passengers farther down. They all kept trying to fight water and swim up but it was too much. Aiden knew he was going to die. He began thinking about his short short life, his wife, his children, and all of the many things he still wanted to do. He watched all of his friends begin to shake and then lie limp and float down like a feather, lifeless. He saw Thomas screaming up to the captain; his premonition. He looked up and saw the captain throwing five black roses down into the river. Aiden still saw the same sadness in the captain's darker than black eyes, revenge had not helped at all.

Then Aiden himself began shaking vigorously. His lungs began to tighten, and then he went limp and followed the others into a new a different world.

“Jabari Jafar, is sentenced life long sentence by the court of law in Rhode Island. He killed ten passengers aboard his boat and has plied guilty. He will serve a life sentence in Rhode Island State Jail…

Case Adjourned

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on Feb. 8 2018 at 1:02 am
paigecarter.1606 BRONZE, Whakatane, Other
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Favorite Quote:
No matter what happens in life be good to people, being good to people is a wonderful legacy to leave behind. -Taylor Swift

That's it? Awesome story 10 out of 10 but that ending could have been better like you could have included his kids more and how they felt about their parents dying etc but the overall great story!

on Jun. 13 2013 at 9:44 pm
AndriaGromley SILVER, Hillsdale, Pennsylvania
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Favorite Quote:
Yesterday, upon the stair,
I met a man who wasn’t there
He wasn’t there again today
I wish, I wish he’d go away...

Although the story was good, you used too many exclamation marks and the word "yacht" was over used.