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Speed - Chapter One

December 19, 2008
By Anonymous

Chapter One Legal
As I boarded the plane, there was no one there for me to wave to. A young girl by my side, at the most sixteen was waving and screaming irrationally to her apparent parents .By her side was a boy, staring boldly at my reaction. I’m sure he wondered why I was just standing there looking off into the distance, not acting like his young girlfriend.I stood there,thinking .Just thinking drove my mind into in anurisms.My senior year? Why not Jane’s?She’d prefer it ,im sure.I sighed slightly and walked inside to my assigned seat I sat down calmly,only to see that the blond boy from before was still staring. I did not like un-needed attention.In the least. I removed from my I-Pod from my purse, immediately to play Paramore.The business of misury, ha how that fit my past week.My mind raced furiously, not even slowing down to the usual calming affect that music gave me.I heard a voice from a distence.The announcer,I’m sure. As the plane took off, I stared in the blue-green sky and waited for the six-hour trip to be over. An older man, appearently my seat partner, had come to sit down. He smelled of fried chicken and Axe. Wonderful, I thought to myself, just wonderful. As the song began to go off, I immediately changed it .Of course, to Decode, my favorite.It gave me a slight sence of comfort, thinking about the song. I began to feel sleepy and continued to stare into the now red orange sunset. I finally drifted into a much-awaited sleep.

“What!!!” I said franticly.
“ Lily. What are you doing? Do you think that just because you get away, mother won’t wonder why you smell lik…”exclaimed Jane only for me to interrupt her.
“ What, Jane? What would she do? Jane, I’m almost eighteen, a legal adult! She won’t be able to do anything.” I said throwing the cigarette at the ground.
“Lillian, get in the car. Come on. Mother wants to talk to you.”

As I hesitantly agreed to get in the Mini Cooper, or should I say Jane’s baby. The oldest got the best as said by dad.My car could never compare to hers.Well,at least in her mind, it couldn’t . As Jane drove down the busy road, I pondered something to myself. Why did Jane care if I ever came back? Normally, she agreed with mom to send me off to college with a rush, getting me away so she could for once live. Oh, like ive never heard that one before. Jane always was the most spoiled of our family. Dad always said because she was planned, not a pop in mother-in law ruining their life .As we walked in threw the stained glass front door, I heard mother scream something profanic. Apparently they were talking while I was gone.Joy.

“Lillian Alexis Meyer, what were you thinking? Running off like that in the dead of winter. I thought you were frozen dead somewhere!” Exclaimed mother.

“Mother,its nearly fourty out side.’I gave her a not- a good enough-excuse look.I turned my head slightly.’You only wish.”

“Lily, we can hear you know.’ Said Paul. ‘You know what Deborah, Im starting to like the idea. Maybe it would do the girl good.”

Jane snickered at the sound of father’s words. Nothing good could come of this.

As the announcer claimed we were safe and on the ground, I woke with a fuss. I sure did not want to think about I was about to face.A word such as pain could not even begin to cover it, in the least. I walked off the plane, retrieved my bag and walked toward the door. Maybe I could run before she got here?I was thinking optimistly about that.It might just work, Huh, too late for that one. I could hear her squeals from the exit door.

“Lily! Oh my god! Look how you have grown .you definitely received your father’s height! How tall are you now?”

“Five ten.” I said crudely.

“Your uncle Jason will not even recognize you! Oh well, you wont be able to recognize Allison either. She’s becoming so beautiful. Just like her mother. Haha I make my self laugh.”

Allison,oh joy.Another spoiled brat to live with.

“Aunt Laura, how is Andrew doing in college? I haven’t heard from him in forever.”

“Oh well, he’s fine. I think he said he decided to become a lawyer or something in that matter.”

A lawyer was an amazing choice for Andrew .He always knew that he was right and would fight with you till midnight to prove it.
“Well Miss Lily, we need to be getting home. You have to fix your room to your liking before school tomarrow. Senior year is the most fun you’ll ever have.” Said Aunt Laura as we were walking toward her car.

Should have known she’d bring the Audi.The bright pink Audi.Aunt Laura always was a real show-off.”Only in California.”I muttered to myself.As we drove down highway 101, I looked off toward Santa Maria. Oh how I despised California. Too much glitz and glam, if you asked me, though no one ever does.Laura lived in a ritzy suburb around Los Angeles. She said it was called Sattlewood.Her house was two stories…and five bedrooms.I began to laugh again.Why couldn’t I be the once-in-a-lifetime wrong baby.Like they swapped me with a normal person’s baby.I didn’t have an ounce of my mother in me.Or her family.I didn’t even look like her,in the least. As Laura was blubbering on about how the Hills were filming down the street from her house one day, I sat desperately and thought about what tomorrow would be like. Never in my right mind would I have imagined my senior year to take place in Cali.Not even when I was at those ‘parties’ that mother never knew about.As she turned on to her street, I caught a glimpse of the spectacular house. Almost like ones id seen on MTV, but better.It was marvelous.A massive two-story with bay windows and huge French doors.
“Jason and Allie are not home, yet. You know, busy at work “ said Laura as she was parking the Audi in the garage.” He’ll be so happy to see you.’
I mumbled as we exited the car. We walked in to the house and my jaw almost broke with it falling so much with awe.The out side surely did not give it any glory,in the least. The TV was as at least five-foot wide .Her couch was black with an Armani sweater laying on the armrest. The dining room was as big as my whole house. She quickly led me to my new room and left me in peace.Something no one in my family would be able to do without a gun to their noses. I looked around, as I expected, the room was just as awe catching as the rest of the house. I unloaded my designer-to-me-J. C Penny’s clothes into the dark hardwood chester drawers. My Decree sweaters looked as though Dollar Store clothes compared to all this.It was crazy.I was going crazy.

I finished unpacking and went to lie down on the bed. Comfy, that’s all that mattered to me.“Oh, Lily! I almost forgot. Your uncle and I decided to get you a welcoming present .Its in the closet” said Laura only then to run out.
I walked slowly over toured the closet, pulled open the door, and looked. It was a set of Burberry sheets. I laughed and set them out.Pink. Should have known.

The author's comments:
Hi, my name is Mari.I love to write and this story is extremely big in my life .It came to me in a dream I had , and I already have a trilogy planned out for it.Please review and comment.

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