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A Confession With in

January 6, 2009
By Anonymous

So… Imagine this:

What if someone you don’t know comes up to you right? And they start talking to you as if you guys have known each other for ages. But you’re so bored and you have nothing to do, so you’re like “oh what the heck?” in your mind, and so you just start talking to the stranger.

Now, the conversation is heavy, and you also feel like you know him. You just now realize how late it is and that you’re starving to death! The dude you’re with offers you to go eat with him somewhere.

“Hey wanna grab somethin’ to eat?” he says.

You hesitate. He assures you that your going to eat in a public place, where there is no way you can get hurt.

“Oh come on, you’re starving and so am I, if you don’t want to it’s okay I’ll go by myself but it wouldn’t hurt to have some company you know?” in a very nice tone.

“Fineeeee I am starving, what we ganna go eat? I want pizza!”

“Sure I’m up for some good pizza, you know anything near by? I’m kinda new here.”

You go to the counter. The lady asks you what would you like to order. The guy orders. “Um yeah, can we have one large cheese pizza, actually make that extra cheese. And two cokes with ice. Thanks!”

The lady is staring at you. As if she’s waiting for you to reply. You look at your friend and he smiles.

“Um ma’am didn’t you hear what he said?”

“Not really.. I think you didn’t hear what I said, What would you like to order?”

Your friend tells you to say what he said in a “don’t worry about it” way. And you order exactly how he ordered. “One large cheese pizza, actually make that extra cheese. And two cokes with ice. Thanks!” You tell the lady.

She looks at you as if your crazy, but you didn’t really noticed her look. She brings you the food at the table and says “good luck eating all that”, You ignore it and start talking to your friend again. For some odd reason everyone is looking at you. But your to busy having fun that you don’t really care. He drops you home in his car.

“It was great meeting you! I’d love to meet you again. Here’s my number.” You hand him a piece of napkin with your number on it.

“Oh I know! It was lovely meeting you too. Don’t worry I’m always here and you can come by anytime you like, then we’ll hang together.”

Months past, and you guys always meet at the same spot, but never do something that you’ve already done. Almost like a new adventure each day. Best friends for life! That’s how you guys feel now. Really close, like you guys really connect and feel comfortable sharing anything that’s on your mind. All most as if you can even hear each others’ heart beat when you’re even miles and miles away. Something happens when you guys talk to each other. Like magic of some kind. The world stops around you and only you guys are in action. If you needed help you would turn to him, or if you needed to get something of your chest. You got one friend like this, trust me you wont need anymore. Though your starting to notice something different about how others talk to you. They talk to you as if you completely lost it and your going crazy. But like always, you really don’t care. It doesn’t make sense most of the time, but when you’re with your friend it doesn’t really matter.

So one day, things changed like the weather. You were waiting at the same place, same time in the same position! And sadly, he didn’t show up. You thought he might of got stuck in traffic or busy at work. “He could’ve at least called me” you say in your head. Some sort of disappointment struck you.

One week passed. No sign of him.

You get worried. Suddenly you remember him mentioning something about his house. You hurry home and look for his contact information. “Got it!” You scream it to the world when you find it. You look at the clock, too late to go right now. So have to wait till morning.

YAY! Its tomorrow. You get your things and start walking. Reached his house. No one seems to be in it. Looks old and dusty. You knock on the neighbors door to ask where he is. Waiting outside of the neighbors’ door. No answer. You go back to your friend’s door and sit in front of it. The neighbor’s door opens.
“He doesn’t live here anymore.” She said.
“What do you mean?” you ask curiously.
“Well, you see he died five years ago.”
You don’t reply and just stare at her.
“Sweetie he died in a car accident five years ago. He and his girlfriend. She survived and he died. But when she was in the hospital the fact of losing him made her lose her memory. Poor girl. I didn’t know her but he use to talk about her all the time. He really loved her but I guess it wasn’t meant to be. And what are you doing here?”
“I umm.. uhh wow I spent five months with this guy and I didn’t even ask his name. God I’m so stupid!..”
“Dear, what do you mean you spent five months with him? He past away five years ago. You sure your not mistaking him from someone else?”
“Do you know what his name is?”
“That sounds familiar…”
“Oh I think the girl’s name was Savannah, he called her Savvy.”
You stare at her blankly. Your so confused, you feel like a fish tangled in a net. You feel crazy. “This is insane” you say weekly and feeling slightly dizzy.
“You ok-..”
“My name is Savannah…”

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on Feb. 24 2012 at 8:27 pm
AndriaGromley SILVER, Hillsdale, Pennsylvania
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Favorite Quote:
Yesterday, upon the stair,
I met a man who wasn’t there
He wasn’t there again today
I wish, I wish he’d go away...

Wow.... Insane!!loved it. A complete mystery:)