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My Greatest Trick

April 26, 2015
By Storiesaresouls SILVER, Parker, Colorado
Storiesaresouls SILVER, Parker, Colorado
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Favorite Quote:
"Imagination is far more important than knowledge." ~Albert Einstein

"The universe is made of stories, not of atoms." ~Muriel Rukeyser

Hello again, my child. I wasn't expecting to see you for a while, but I can definitely understand how life changes in the blink of an eye. Drowned at a pool party? That's terrible, just terrible. I'm sorry I wasn't there to protect you, but watching out for billions at a time is a bit much, even for someone like me. You weren't supposed to die, however, some people do slip through the cracks, and I am terribly regretful I didn't catch you.
What are you doing? Oh, no, no, please don't leave, you have nothing to fear from me. I'm sorry if you're angry with me, and as for me being a nutcase, I must say you can be assured I would never hurt you. Yes, if it makes you more comfortable, you can stay over there. I do know trusting me is hard. Strange man, strange place- anyone would be wary. In fact, most are. But you'll start to recognize your surroundings soon enough. You already have? That's wonderful news. Maybe it will be easier for you to be at ease, then.
If you want to explore, go right ahead. Anywhere but the corridor on the left. You need me to accompany you when we go there. No, no, it's not dangerous...if you're with me.
You want to go there first? Well, aren't you an eager one. And you're quite right, most good things are hidden behind closed doors. Come on, follow me. And whatever you do, don't let go of my robes. You could get lost.
You look flushed. I'm sorry if it's a bit hot in here for you, but I prefer my surroundings to be warm. You're alright? You're sure? Good. I would hate for you to be uncomfortable.
Are you ok? What's wrong? Why have you stopped? No, that can't be right. Stay right here. I'll go see what the fuss was all about. Be sure to hang onto this piece of my robe, alright, love?
I'm back. You didn't move, did you? Or let go of my robe? Perfect. I think you may have been hearing things, because I spoke with some of my children, and they said they've seen and felt nothing. Figment of your imagination, perhaps? I always did love imagination. One of my best inventions, if I do say so myself.
You're ready to move on? I do agree, white walls and a glass catwalk isn't very exciting. So, your choice. Left or right? Wonderful. Right it is.
My darling, what is it? What's the matter? There's nothing there. I'm sure. I am omniscient, dear, nothing happens here without me knowing about it. Hold a bit tighter to me. That's it. Hmm. Maybe it's some of the presences. Oh, did I not explain? The presences are the souls. Yes, technically we're walking through dead people. It's that disgusting, you silly child, souls don't rot like corpses do. I should know.
Are you still holding my robe? Perfect. We only have a little more to go before we're there. Just be sure not to let go.
What are you talking about? It smells? How so? No, I can't smell it. But some souls do have a certain... aroma about them. Maybe a particular soul is following you? It's not that-Wait! No, don't let go!
Oh, dear. I did warn you not to let go. Daemon? Take this one to the stretching rack, and be sure that the next one I bring down can't hear the screaming.

The author's comments:

I was bored, and then this just sort of happened. Hope you like it. :)

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