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You Can Never Forget, but You Can Try

February 26, 2009
By Cassie Craig BRONZE, Orient, Ohio
Cassie Craig BRONZE, Orient, Ohio
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Have you ever had a time where you're watching a scary movie, and everyone is yelling at the girl not to open the closet? Even though all the signs are that there is something bad going to happen and you should just run and scream the other way, but she still opens the closet. Well I am that one stupid girl that put all my friends in danger that one perfect summer weekend. It was a weekend I could never forget no matter how hard I tried.

'DEAN! Put me down!' I yelled at my boyfriend as he was carrying me way out into the ocean.

'Corrine you have to get over your fear of sharks sometime!' he laughed.

Back on the shore Adeline and Tanner were just laughing at us, along with a few kisses here and there. Adeline had been my best friend since forever. There was just something about her that made her completely different from everyone else. She always knew what to do, no matter what the situation was. Adeline was filled with confidence and bravery to be different that I could never have. She has the prettiest eyes, smile, and perfect tan. Tanner didn't even know how lucky he was to have her. Dean finally took me back to the shore and I couldn't even explain how much better I felt.

'Corrine, you and Dean are too cute!' Adeline said as Tanner was playing with her red hair.

'Yeah to bad he's such a jerk!' I yelled throwing my yellow converse shoe at him laughing.

'Dean, over here!' Tanner called at Dean, while Dean threw my shoe at him and Adeline and I played monkey in the middle with them. Tanner had a really good arm since well he was the star player of the freshman football team, so this made the game extremely unfair. As the sun was going down we were all getting cold so Adeline and I threw on our shorts and lime green hoodies over our bikinis. Adeline put on her flip-flops while I only had one shoe on because Tanner and Dean still had my shoe. Tanner and Dean took off running off the beach and up into the woods as we chased after them getting bored of the beach. With my hair in a pony tail bouncing around like crazy and Adeline's flip-flops making sounds we ran telling the guys to slow down, we can't run.

'Finally!' Adeline shouted gasping for air as we caught up to them.

'Dang, you girls need to go to the gym,' Dean responded saying that we were extremely out of shape.

'Can I please have my shoe back?!' I pleaded as I ran up behind Dean hopping on his back giving him my puppy dog face that he always falls for.

'Well since you said please and gave me that adorable puppy dog face'.of course. He said putting it on for me as I just smiled and laughed. I jumped of his back and turned around to say something to Adeline, but she wasn't there'.or Tanner...

'Dean, where the heck did they go?' I said getting really worried.

'Whoa I don't even know,' Dean said looking as shocked as I was.

Just then we heard footsteps, the wind picking up making whistling sounds, leaves of every color rustling on the dirt. I shrieked grabbing a hold of Dean's hand and arm really freaked out. Then when I thought we were all going to die a brightly colored beach ball comes out of nowhere and hits me in the head, along with the familiar's laughs of Adeline and Tanner.

I yelled at them, feeling humiliated for being scared from a stupid beach ball.

'Yeah I wasn't scared.' Dean said kicking the beach ball.

Adeline and I chased after it and came to a sudden stop and gasped. A few seconds later Tanner and Dean showed up too gasping just as we did.

'Whoa, what is this place?' Tanner whispered for some reason.

'I've never even seen this place!' I said taking a step onto the old creaky looking house.

'Corrine, are you an idiot?' Adeline called after me 'Get back here!'

'What's wrong with exploring this place? I questioned acting brave.

Now this is the part of the story where I just should've listened to Adeline and just not have 'opened the closet.'

'I'll go with you. We got nothing better to do.' Dean said joining me on the porch.

'Okay I'm in' Tanner said quickly after Dean did.

'Okay hold up, there no way I'm staying out here all myself!' Adeline shrieked running up with us as I creaked opened the door.

Inside was the most disgusting place i've ever seen. The floors creaked annoyingly, sticky silver spiderwebs everywhere, with the sound of little feet of rats on the floor. It had the smell of beer, and something else I couldn't make out. The furniture was torn and turned over, and papers scattered all over the floor.

'Dang this place is a dump.' Dean said with a disgusted look on his face getting a spider web off his red shirt.

'Bless you!' Adeline said to me as I just sneezed from all the nasty dust.

'Do you think anyone lives here?' Tanner asked looking through the ugly moldy green colored cupboards.

'I sure hope not, if someone does I certainly feel bad for the person' I admitted.

'Hey guys look at this,' Dean mumbled pointing to a bunch of cut out newspapers articles hung up on the wall.

'Well someone's a wee bit obsessed with newspapers.' Adeline laughed.

'Dangson, these are all about that ladybug killer with the murders he had caused recently,' I acknowledged.

'Who's this ladybug killer?' Adeline questioned clueless.

'Don't you watch the news?' Dean sarcastically said.

'No, the news scares me!' Adeline answered.

'The ladybug killer is this stupid guy that has been killing people, but they never find the bodies that he kills, just a ladybug pin with another dot added to the pin. The numbers of dots are the number of kills he has done.' I explained to her.

'Gahh, that's scary!' Adeline sobbed. 'Like seriously who does that?'

'Someone with major issues!' Tanner hinted, walking to explore more but ended up slipping on something red on the floor.

'Oh my gosh are you okay?' Adeline giggled rushing to his side as he landed with a thud.

But Tanner didn't say anything as he only just held up what he slipped on. He was holding up a ladybug pin just like one in the pictures.

'Okay time to go!' Dean warned, heading toward the door. But just as he were reaching for the door it all got silent and we all heard footsteps outside and a dog barking.

'Guys he's home!' I complained as we all started panicking, running in different directions to find a place to hide. I was so terrified when I went and hid in one of those ugly green cupboards. I remember sitting there for what seemed like hours not knowing what was happening or where anyone was. I had my cell phone on me, but I didn't know if the others had their phones on silent. If I gave them away to where they were hiding I don't think I could live with myself. I poked my eye out of one of the holes in the cupboard and saw the killer yelling at the dog to move because it was in his way. I about jumped and screamed when my phone stated vibrating, I quickly took it out of my pocket and turned it on silent. I also held my breath as I heard footsteps getting close to me as if he heard my phone vibrating. A few seconds later I checked my phone.

'Where are you?!' a text message said from Dean.

'I'm in a cupboard' I texted back my hands shaking wildly.

'Okay, I'm coming to get you, I'm hiding behind the couch but I just saw the killer go upstairs so we should be good for a while.' He texted back which seemed like hours later but only really a few seconds.

A few minutes later the cupboard opened and my heart skipped a beat and Dean had to end up covering my mouth to prevent me from gasping out loud.

'Where are the others?' I whispered to him after he kissed me like he would never see me again.

'I don't know, I can't get a hold of Adeline or Tanner,' Dean complained as we tip toed across the floor. I began to open the door and it made the loudest creek I've ever heard. We froze and just stared with wide eyes with terror at each other. A few long seconds of silence passed and we darted out the door. We ran as fast as we possibly could and then we just came to a dead stop.

'Dean! Tanner and Adeline are still in there! They aren't out here!' I cried with tears streaming down my face. 'We have to go back; we have to call the cops, something!'

'I know, I know,' Dean confessed wiping the tears off my face.

We both go our cell phones out and my heart stopped. No service'.

'God, my battery is gone!' Dean complained throwing his phone on the ground with anger.

'What are we going to do?!' I wondered out loud my heart beating faster. Just then a figure came running toward us, I couldn't tell who or what it was and then' Tanner!

'Tanner!' I shouted with joy running toward him hugging him tightly as Dean joined the little huddle.

'You guys he has Adeline!' Tanner cried not being able to finish his sentence. I finally looked at him and never seen him like this before. Eyes drenched with tears, face'. pale white.

'Do you have your phone?!' Dean and I shouted.

'No, I lost it; I don't know where it is.' Tanner muttered shaking his head.

My head just started spinning; I couldn't even believe what was happening. The killer had my best friend. I couldn't even imagine what would or is happening to her. I had to hold onto Dean to prevent me from falling over. We all just looked at each other and we all were thinking the same thing, to go back and get her ourselves. The rest happened so fast I don't even know how to explain it all. I remember running back walking into the creepy old house that could soon be our death. I remember hearing fighting, yelling, a gun shot, and screams of terror. Adeline' dead on the floor. I can still see the image of Tanner on the floor on his knees screaming. Then I think I hit my head on something because I had a terrible headache and I know I was being dragged up the steps. I swear I could hear Deans voice, or it might've of just been in my head. Finally a gun shot, then silence, someone holding me tightly telling me it's going to be okay, flashes of red and blue then everything went black.

'Beep, beep, beep, beep.' Was the sound I woke up to as I was slightly confused on how I ended up in the hospital with Dean asleep on my side holding my hand?

I moaned and turned waking Dean up.

'Corrine!' Dean shouted in amazement. 'You're alive!'

Just then I remembered what happened, the beach, the house, the killer, oh my gosh, Adeline!

'Dean, what happened?' I asked. 'Where's Tanner or Adeline?'

'Okay, well the killer got to Adeline before we did and it was too late, and Tanner was freaking out and saw it happen and just well collapsed killing himself to be with her.' Dean cried tearing up.

'What...' was all I could say as I couldn't even believe what just happened.

'Corrine, I'm sorry their gone, I don't want to believe it either but their gone, but their in a better place together ' Dean continued, 'The police came right after the killer killed himself almost killing you. He took you and hit you in the head and then was dragging you up the steps and then he found a gun I thought he was going to shoot you but then he pointed it to himself and well yeah''

The rest of day was all the same and a blur. Many people coming in and saying there glad I'm safe and sorry what happen to my two other best friends. I did get many flowers though so the hospital room was brightly colorful that day. Dean stayed with me and never left my side. I know he missed them as much as I did. But we got through it together. Some days we would just go and sit on the beach in silence because it was just so different not having the laughs that they always brought to us. Adeline and Tanner were meant for each other and the fact that they died together I'm okay with, and they were together forever now and I'm okay with it because I know their happy and that's all that matters.

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