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The Shadows

October 9, 2016
By Daniel_May27 SILVER, Buffalo, New York
Daniel_May27 SILVER, Buffalo, New York
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“Run...I must run..can’t stop running…”.  “Aaahhhh!”, screamed Jack as he shot upright gasping for breath with drops of sweat coating his wrinkled forehead.  His seatbelt got jammed and stopped his forward advance before he collided with the seat in front of him.  His wary brown eyes flickered around the car taking in his surroundings.  “Dude are you okay?”, exclaimed Justin with a hint of concern in his voice.  “Ye-yeah...I th-think”, muttered Jack with a failing voice.
“Just a bad dream.  I want to get out of this forest as soon as possible.  It gives me the creeps.”
“Hey you were the one who wanted to drive through it”, said Justin.
“Yeah because I thought it would get us to grandad’s house quicker”, retorted Jack.
“Well it’s almost night and we’re still in the woods.”
“Oh shut up and get back to driving Justin.”
As the setting of the sun lowered inch by inch beneath the horizon, the shadows of the dark were creeping throughout the forest, enveloping all in its path.  They seemed to jump to life, extending their talons of darkness across the forest floor, seeping into all the cracks in the rocks, and all the holes in the trees.
Without warning, the old jeep sputtered, then died.  “Come on, we're out of gas.  Why didn’t you check it before we left, Justin?”
“I told you to check it you idiot.”
“Watch who you call idiot, idiot”, defended Jack.
“Since I’m older and more responsible, I’ll go out and try to find help”, said Jack haughtily.
“Fine with me.  I don’t want to go out in that creepy forest at night”, said Justin calmly.
Jack leaned over and unbuckled his seatbelt.  With clammy hands, he opened the jeep door and lowered himself to the mucky ground.  A world of darkness met him as he stepped out into the underbrush of the forest. With his phone light in his dominant hand, he began his rigorous trek through the inky-black void hoping to find someone or something to help him and his brother.
The forest was eerily silent with only the snapping of twigs under Jack’s boots to reassure him that he was still alive.  Jack, advancing slowly and steadily along the weathered ground, came to an outcrop of jutting rocks that was barely visible in the moonlit forest.  With cautious steps, he circled around the gorge only to find himself at a dead-end.  “The only place to go is down”, thought Jack.  Clutching his phone between his teeth, he positioned his feet between two rocks and began his descent into the shadowy abyss.
Hand over hand he was making his decline to the bottom of the chasm.  The rough rocks tore and bit at his skin and small trickles of blood were coming from his wounds on his hands.  Still, he made his way deeper and deeper into the bottomless void.
Gasping for breath, Jack paused his descent and released his right hand from the rocky wall which he had been tightly hanging onto only moments before.  He wiped the sweat off his forehead and looked down.  Jack strained his eyes and gazed with awe at the scene below him.  That scene in fact was blank.  Blank and dark.  Only darkness met his eyes.  “I shouldn’t have done this,” speculated Jack.
After about 10 more minutes of meticulous descending, Jack’s right foot came in contact with a smooth, hard surface.  Feeling around with his foot, Jack judged that he had reached the ground.  He released his grip from the cliff side and slumped down to the ground, exhausted.  Fatigue and weariness overcame his body as he lost consciousness and slipped into a world of nightmares.
“Run...I must run..can’t stop running…”.  A nightmare similar to the one Jack experienced in the jeep was flowing through his mind right now.  Except this dream was intense, more life-like.  The shadows seemed to be coming out of his nightmare and into his life, wrapping their tentacles of darkness around his squirming body.  Jack awoke with a start.  He quickly batted his arms around his body trying to free himself of the feeling from his nightmare. Mounting to his feet, he scanned the area.  He was deep in the forest with no one around to help.  Without knowing what to do, he continued moving forward through the ghastly foliage of the forest.
Sometime later, Jack’s phone light died.  He cursed out loud and spat on the ground.  After he cooled down from his tantrum, he thought about what he should do to escape the creepy woodlands.  While thinking, he heard a branch snap behind him.  He quickly spun around only to find the shadows of the forest staring back at him.  Jack couldn’t shake the feeling that he was being watched.  With the air reeking of doom,  he took off.  He ran as fast as he could while dodging hanging tree branches and jumping over shrubs and stumps.  Breathing heavily, he thought to himself,  “Run...I must run..can’t stop running…”. The pounding of footsteps echoed in his ears and his blood turned to ice as he tried to outrun his pursuer.  He saw a low branch in front of him and tried to vault over it.  However, his left foot got trapped under it and he fell straight down.  His face hit the ground and pain seared through his body.  Too stunned to get up, he lay there, defeated.  The lurking fingers of the deadly shadows slowly closed around Jack.  The sheer strength of the darkness gripped Jack’s body with resounding fear.  A ragged breath- a death breath, passed between Jack’s lips as a blindfold of darkness shrouded his vision.  Fully enclosed by the blanket of darkness, Jack become one with the shadows, and the shadows became one Jack.

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