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The Interview

February 21, 2009
By gosebmaster SILVER, West Hills, California
gosebmaster SILVER, West Hills, California
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Pleasure, passion, and poise had been removed from the life of Mr. Kline for four months. Mr. Kline had thought carefully during these four months and had now come to the decision of confessing. He was not afraid of confessing anymore and was presently making his way towards the federal bureau of investigations.

Mr. Kline crossed the hall and entered the office with the appointment slip in his hand. The man who was expecting him was in his seat, at his desk, filling out papers. As soon as he saw Mr. Kline he said, ?Good evening. Sit down.?

Mr. Kline took a seat and introduced himself, ?Good evening to you too. My name is Mr. Kline.?

?Very well then, Mr. Kline. My name is Mr. Anderson.?


?I hope I don?t sound a bit rude but I do have some work so if we could get down to business, I would appreciate it. I became interested in your case when I heard that it was related to the Madena Cruise incident. There were no leads but you have something to say, don?t you.?

?I do. As a matter of fact, I have a lot to say. You see, I am a survivor.?

?A survivor? All sources recorded no know survivors. How could you be one of them??

?That will be explained later. Stories don?t start by the end and neither will mine. I have brought an article from the Gloverton Chronicles to refresh our minds over the incident.?

Mr. Kline handed him the cut-out article which read:

In the heavy waters of Orloo, the vast cruise ship from Madena Enterprises, headed from Gloverton to Grenville, sinks into an untraceable doom. This unusual tragedy is still a puzzle to detectives who cannot find a possible lead. There are no known survivors and the ship has not yet been found. The search radius for the vessel is large and it is temporarily unauthorized to penetrate the grounds covering this area. No S.O.S. signal was sent during the night of the incident. If anyone has any information that could link to the discovery of the ship, please notify the F.B.I. at 1-(423)-717-9243.

?Wow, quite an article isn?t it Mr. Kline? Not to offend you in any way but you seem to me as a senior and the possibilities of you surviving opposed to a young lifeguard, for example, are very low.?
?Say what you want, but I have come as a survivor with all of my adventures to help you. If you do not appreciate this, I can leave.?
?No! That isn?t necessary. I want to hear everything you know and I will try my best to believe you.?
?Good, then I shall start from the beginning.?

The author's comments:
I want to write a novel and thought of this for the beginning. I would appreciate some comments and suggestions to help me improve it.

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