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The Coat

March 2, 2009
By Anonymous

The far off train whistle made the dark night seem even gloomier. Butch crept down the deserted street, very wary at his surroundings. Earlier that day Butch had been playing soccer at the city's park. Being a typical irresponsible 10 year old, he had left his coat sitting on a bench. Butch lives in the suburbs of Boston Massachusetts, and he loves the city, the big buildings, and his large home where he lives. Seeing that this was his new coat that was very expensive, his mom freaked out when he said it was missing at 7:30 Pm. It is a big city and no way would she want a thief to steal it. She then ordered him to return to the park and grab his coat. So here is where our story begins'.

Butch stomped out of the door, feeling very exasperated at his mom. Butch was a kid of medium height for his age, and wavy, dark brown hair. His eyes were as dark as his hair and he wore a sweatshirt and sweatpants, both were Adidas. Butch was reluctant to keep going, but as soon as the thought of meeting his mom empty handed sure changed his mind. His mom's words were like a charging bull, facing her is almost death. Butch walked down the street, staying under the street lamps. Deep down inside Butch hated the dark, and at this time of the day, man, it's dark! When your 20 feet away from a street lamp, it gets so dark that if you looked down, you could barely see the figure of your feet, and so dark that if closed your eyes it would almost make no difference with them open, and so dark that' Well, you get the point! Butch saw under a

street lamp a forlorn hobo smoking a cigarette. Butch felt compassionate but continued on anyways. All the sudden, a series of metallic scratching sounds rang through the air. Butch instantly came on alert and looked around, hoping it was only wind. 'Hiss!!!' A big sigh of relief came over him,
It was only a stray cat. The cat was a dark black one with half of its ear missing; it looked like it was in a fight because also blood streaked across its head. Its claws extended like tendrils trying to grasp me. If his friend Spencer was here, he would love to be running around in the dark. Butch sometimes stuck out like a sore thumb when hanging out with his friends. He wasn't always the adventurous type! But anyway he liked them a lot. Butch's thoughts quickly returned to his mission. A sudden chill brushed up against his face and instantly made him wish he had his coat on. He looked at his cheap watch and pressed the button to turn the light on. 8:09. He'd been out late. Being in a large sized city, a decent amount of action went on in the area. But for now he was missing it all. North Hedge Boulevard was on his left and he quickly took a sharp turn down it. Butch pressed on, knowing the warmth his coat would bring to the chill. Strange, only 1 street light was working on this road. Butch looked around cautiously, maybe a light bulb just blew, or maybe a gang! Butch pushed the thought away like spinach on his dinner plate. His gut feeling said to turn back. Still, he went on. Almost there, finally, Butch thought to himself. He really wished Spencer was tagging along. Or maybe even Delaney. Delaney was his other best friend. Together, all 3 of them made up the soccer stars. No one could beat them in school at recess. Ahh' Recess, soon Butch would be in middle school and no more recess for him! A soccer goal then popped up into view, then a swing set, slide, and a play place. Over on the
Bleachers on the sideline of the field sat his dark blue coat. Yes! He thought. Mom won't be upset! The park was illuminated by the moonlight and he could clearly see with no buildings around. It was only the park and him now. He quickly walked up to the bench as if someone else was going to steal it. Butch grabbed his coat and looked at his watch. 8:22. He had to get home soon or suffer a lecture from his over protective mother. Butch was the most alert that he had ever been in his life at the moment. A sharp crack met him at his ears and something whistled by his head and almost nailed him directly!

Butch turned around and shouted, 'Who's there!'

The power cord to Butch's nerves seemed to of been unplugged. He stood to the spot, frozen with fear and slowly turned around, ready to face whatever waiting in the dark. A hooded figure was staring down at the ground, with a rock in his hand. Realizing how stupid of a question that was that he had said earlier he sped off down the sidewalk. Butch was really frightened now. Who was that, he thought to himself, more like, what was that! Then Butch heard footsteps and quickened up the pace. A ping-pong sized rock nailed him in the leg! 'Oww!' He screamed.

Who ever was after him really meant to hurt him! He was almost home! At least 2 minutes. Whoever was chasing him slowed down. He exhaled deeply; who is that person! The thought came over him. Butch now knew the surroundings like the back of his hand. He neared his house and then barged into it, trying to act normal. When his mom saw him with his coat, she smiled.

'Mom, can I stay up extra late for getting my coat?!' Butch pleaded with a grin. 'Sure, but go set the dishwasher first.'

Butch gave his mom the I-Hate-Chores-Look and walked over the dishwasher. 'Stupid dishwasher' He whispered to himself.
He turned to look out the window and something caught his eye. The same lone figure dressed all in black stood up tall under one of the street lamps and was staring at Butch. He then figured it was the same hooded figure that he had seen earlier. Butch couldn't make out his features, and he had no idea of who it was. But the mysterious person was waving at Butch as if he was first seeing a long lost buddy after years. That really gave him the creeps. He tried to ignore the person and get done with his chores. But for some reason he kept looking at him. He noticed the hooded figure still keeping his long, hard, cold stare. Butch finished, gave the mysterious person one last look and went off to watch T.V.

Butch didn't tell anyone, nor did he ever encounter this mysterious figure again. Butch moved on in life and really hasn't thought of his encounter at all very much. Butch has some advice for you though, don't lose your coat!
P.S. 6th grade rocks!!

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