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Are you lost?

March 2, 2009
By Ellie.M. PLATINUM, Santa Paula, California
Ellie.M. PLATINUM, Santa Paula, California
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The smell of gloves and medicine entered my nostrils. Where am I? Who am I? How did I get here? My head hurts, throbbing with pain. I hear people talking, horrible noises I can not make out. The screaming of little kids ringing in my ears. I want to yell. My throat hurts too much. Am I dead? What happened? To many questions I don't know the answer to.
A lady entered the room; she had blonde hair and brown eyes. She then asked 'How are you feeling?'
As if I never had heard a calm and soothing voice before, hers sounded like no others. I tried to sit up, my arms still too weak. I replied by nodding my head.
'Good' she said with her nice soothing voice'you will be getting out soon.' I wanted to talk, to ask her many questions, but before I could she left holding a clip board in her arms. Cradling it like a baby. I wish I were that clip board, cradled by her soft long arms, her breast on my head. I can imagine her stroking my hair, whispering in my ear. I longed for someone or something to talk to. A black shadow arose from under the bed. I squinted to try and see what it was, I held the blanket close. I felt so weak, my eyes were closing. I tried to keep them open. What is that black shadow? I hear a loud and painful screech in my ears. What is happening?

I jumped up pouring sweat, my shirt stuck to my chest. I looked around, thinking that I was still in the hospital. I heard pounding footsteps coming up the stairs. My mother entered the room in her flannel pajamas holding a bat in one hand. Her fist loosened and dropped the bat. She ran up to me and held me tight, nearly chocking me, with her arms. She put her hand up to my forehead. 'Oh dear, you have a fever,' her cold hand against my head. 'What happened? Why were you screaming?' My arms squeezed her tighter, and I fearfully said, 'Never leave me'

'You look as if you have seen a ghost.' Tommy said sarcastically. 'Ha Ha, very funny.' I answered back coldly. 'Oh just leave him alone, you know what's bugging him.' Evangiline said backing me up. I told them that my dog died, not really what happened. I didn't want to tell them that I had a nightmare. What would they think of me? I know what Tommy would say, 'You big baby it's just a shot don't be scared.' Back to reality, Tommy on my left and Evangiline on my right. Tommy said, 'Hey, after school we can go by the pet shop.' I didn't know what to say, astonished by what a nice thing he had said. 'Hey let him tell us if he wants to or not, maybe it is too early.'
Why do you have to always back him up, hey Aaron why do you have a girl sticking up for you?'
I struck him hard in the arm. 'Just shut-up.'
I secretly had a crush on Evangiline, but she is way to pretty to ever like me. The bus pulled up inches away from us, splashing a small puddle of mud on Tommy. Evangiline and I exchanged glances laughing on the inside. We piled in the bus, Evangiline first, then I, last Tommy. He angrily glared at the bus driver. He was not paying attention and eating a donut. We always sat at the back with the rest of the 6th graders. The kids in the front her 4th graders they were throwing paper planes, and crumbled paper. I sat next to the window with Evangiline in the middle of Tommy and I. We were so called the misfit group. We all dressed sort of in our own style. Tommy wore a red checkered button-up shirt with black skinny jeans and vans. Evangiline wore a blue tank top with a heart in the middle of her breasts. She had a jean skirt will dangly beads hanging from the bottom, hot pink leggings and converse. I wore a black and green striped shirt, with baggy dark denim jeans, and oversized Adios shoes, with a squirt of cologne. The bus screeched to a stop, the kids pushed and shoved their way out, nearly tripping over another. Us three got out last, in style. My first period teacher is Mrs. Ward. She is a b**** everyone hates her. Some kids call her Mrs. Wart since she had a huge deformed growth growing out of the side of her head. In her class we are learning dividing and multiplying square roots. One of my friends in 7th grade had her last year and he said every year she picks on kid to get in trouble. I guess that one kid is me. This dude in our class named Eddie who is a total show off and is the popular kid in school stands on tables and dances with her looking and gets away with it. He starts everything. I say one word she catches me and sends me out of the class. Now do you see why she is such a b****? The bell rang and I bolted toward the door almost there, almost free. 'Aaron' she yelled in her annoying low pitched manly voice. I turned around hoping that she was talking to another Aaron. She moved her finger in the come here way. I grunted loudly and stomped towards her. Tommy laughed and said, 'good luck, you might not make it so can I have your collection of tech decks?' I turned around facing Mrs. Wart. Ewwww! Did that thing on her face just move? I stared and saw that she had a mustache. Oh my GOD!!! That's disgusting. As she talked all I heard was the scratching of her moustache hairs against her skin. I nodded no knowing what I was nodding for. She got up, nodded her head, and pointed towards the door. I started to walk towards the door, still in shock.

I lay on my bed reading comic books, hoping for the phone to ring and it to be Evangiline. Ring!!! I picked up the phone and spoke into it. No one was there all I heard was static. I yelled 'hello' once more, maybe they lost connection? I hung up. It rang again. I answered this time I was sweating 'Hello, Hello, anyone there?' All I heard was static. I hung up once more, Went back to reading the tales of The Dragon Slayer. The T.V. clicked on, sound in full blast. A black shadow popped up and screamed, 'Watch Out!!!' I turned around to see the window open, hundreds of black crows came in and started to attack me. 'No, No help!' I screamed wildly trashing my arms in every direction. 'It's okay, It's okay.' My mothers arms holding me stroking my hair. I looked up and yelled. The black figure was tightening its grip chocking me, I struggled. Then, I became weak, and could no longer move. I couldn't breath. I wiggled on last time hoping to break free. I didn't want to die. I haven't told Evangiline I love her. I'm not finished living.

I opened my eyes slowly, and then jolted up. I stood up straight and looked around. No black figure. No black crows. I am safe. Just to make sure I closed my window and unplugged the TV. I went downstairs to eat breakfast.

Tommy and Evangiline were at the door I got my backpack and closed the door behind me. Evangiline was holding a tan and white blanket. She tore the blanket off and under was a light brown puppy. I was dumbfounded. I didn't know what to do. She handed it to me. I stroked its soft, long brown hair. 'Thanks' I hugged her and smiled. I got Ronnie's leash (our dog.) I put it on the puppy. 'What are you going to name it?' Evangiline asked. 'Ummmm''.' I thought hard, 'How about Scruffy?' 'Scruffy' Tommy said cruelly 'Wow what a name!' 'I think it's a great name' Evangiline said. Uhuh!!! I started to walk down the street as Tommy rode his bike and Evangiline walked beside me. Tommy has lived next to me my entire life. Evangiline's parents were best friends with my parents before I was ever born. Tommy's dad died serving in the army, ever since then he has been mean. Tommy's mom yelled for him to come inside. He begged for five more minutes, but his mom said no. Evangiline and I walked to the park, scruffy leading the way. He stopped at every bush and smelt it. Evangiline stopped it turned around. 'I thought I heard something.'
'I bet it was nothing' I replied.

That night I dreamed of nothing. In the morning I arose and smelt bacon and pancakes. Yum, My favorite! I walked down stairs and saw my dad cooking in the kitchen. I sat down at the table. He put a plate in front of me. I went to go get a fork from the drawer. I looked out inside the window. The black shadow hit the window and fell to the floor. I jumped back hitting the pan of bacon and grease went all over my dad. I pointed towards the window and he looked nothing was there. He glared at me and pointed to the stairs. I marched up the stairs thinking what that shadow could have been. How I missed out on bacon and pancakes. I was furious, my dad probably even madder.

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