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The Pusuit

March 2, 2009
By fikjs BRONZE, Zanesville, Ohio
fikjs BRONZE, Zanesville, Ohio
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It was a dark night than usual the moon was shining threw the puddles on the pavement the atmosphere smelled like rain. I was in the middle of nowhere a couple yards ahead of me was a tall figure with dark eyes dancing in the moonlight. Then I saw the figure walking towards me I didn't know what to do I just stood their in place my face in total shock I screamed but know sound came out my throat was dry and achy I was very weak but I didn't know why. I saw something in his eyes it was an intense need to kill. But before I new it I was in my room just as I left it. The mint-green walls were covered with posters of rock bands. But I smelled a odor in the air full of delight. I felt out of place and felt like I shouldn't be here. I roamed down the hallway looking at all are family pictures it was one picture that caught my eye of me and my parents we all looked so happy. My father died last year over cardiac arrest I loved him dearly and always will but I been very depressed since he died he and I were close but me and my mother were the total opposite. She always made me feel like I wasn't good enough . I got great grades and was in extra-curricular activities she never once said I'm so proud of you she just picked at me at everything I did wrong . That was are relationship. Downstairs my mom was cooking and her boy-friend Doug that was one thing that I hated to about my mother she dated a lot after dad died like she was trying to replace him or something. Doug is very short and weak everything that my dad wasn't I thought to myself what does my mom see in him probably his money. Doug has his own company of electronics so he is very wealthy. My mother seems to have the shallow quality going for her. Just then after strained in thought I heard my mom calling my name. Jessica do you want any pancakes she said. 'Oh no thanks I'm not that hungry'. Just then my mom and Doug started kissing each other I definitely didn't want to be here so I took a walk to get some fresh air. As I walked down the damp sidewalk I started thinking about my strange dream I kept on asking myself questions that I couldn't answer. Who was the man in my dream? Why did he want to kill me? What did he look like? I stopped myself I was starting to get a headache just then I thought I heard someone behind me. For some reason I didn't want to look I took a deep breath and got hold of myself and turned around it was a strange man with a black long worn coat. I was pretty far from my house and it was in the direction of the man and I had this weird feeling that he was following me. He became apparent to me that I was becoming paranoid as much as I wanted to run I walked a very brisk walk. I turned left towards downtown where people were there and no one could hurt me but I still had a couple blocks left and I still heard him threw the raining puddles full of mud. I began to walk faster but some how was in a dead end of course now I'm really going to die. My attacker walked toward me and then in his dark eyes I saw the need to kill me just like in my dream only this time I wanted to die and it was reality not fantasy.

The author's comments:
This fiction story is about a girl that feels like she has know one that loves her with her her dad dying and her mother not caring a dream comes to life.

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