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March 5, 2009
By Mlozelle BRONZE, East Tawas, Michigan
Mlozelle BRONZE, East Tawas, Michigan
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My name, Jake Todd; my vice, writing. I used to sit and stare at a blank page and visualize the story I was about to write, it was like; if I could see it, then I could write it. But things change, I use to be innocent, I use to be normal, now, I'm nothing. It was two years ago today, two years since that fateful day, the day I died.
It was a cold day, colder than usual at least. I was walking home, which was something rare for me, when I saw a black limo. Specific details didn't matter to me at the time, but now I can't help but think that if I had paid a little more attention to it, maybe things wouldn't have gone so badly. As I continued to walk home I noticed the car following the same route, but I just passed this off as a coincidence.
About a block from my house the limo stopped in front of me and a young woman stepped out. Her beauty was unmatched, and so pure was the way she smelled, like sweet honey straight from the source, so serene and beautiful. I couldn't help but be drawn in as she offered me a ride home. I never even saw the driver but I didn't care, I just wanted to hear this woman speak. As she told me how I wouldn't see my parents for a very long time I didn't panic. I merely smiled because in my eyes, there was no one in the world but us, me and this beautiful stranger. Her voice was like a thousand songbirds singing a melody so beautiful it could bring any man to his knees. Before I realized what was happening, I was sprayed by something vile and everything suddenly went black.
I awoke in a damp room, lit by a single bulb. There was nothing but a toilet and bed, and still, I was happy, I prayed that I could see the mysterious woman just one more time. It wasn't long before my prayers were answered and she entered the room, but this time, there was a different air about her. She wore all black and with a glare on her face she told me it was time to take some medicine. She scared me then, all her beauty vanished, replaced by her sadistic gaze, she told me that I would be helping her. Still remembering how she first looked, I asked what she could possibly need from me, but the answer just sickened me. She needed my blood, for some reason I was born immune to a certain deadly disease, and she was trying to gain a cure for her own greedy hands.
The first few times she drew blood weren't that bad, but the more she took, the weaker I got. Eventually it got so bad that I couldn't even lift myself off of the bed. By now she was forced to let me rest in order to continue her research. I was desperate, I needed to escape but I was constantly drugged, so I could barely move let alone run.
Every once in a while, her assistant would come in and rock me to sleep singing a soft lullaby; it was almost as if she was sorry for doing this to me. But then the next day the cruel lady would force yet another IV into whichever part of my arm wasn't too bruised.
Every night drugs were placed in my system, granting me sleep in these troubled times. I often had vivid night terrors in which I was never able to leave that rotten place. Each morning that wench of a woman would draw more blood, and then force more medicine into me, In a vain effort to keep me calm. I was fed only enough to keep me alive, never enough to grant me strength. So I lived, in pain, fear, and anger.
Some days I got lucky and her assistant came in. She was always nice to me and brought me extra food whenever she could, but when I asked her when I could go home, with clear sadness in her eyes, she told me it would be a very long time. It was 2 years before the friendly assistant got the courage to help me. One day she left a needle in my room, confident that if she didn't give me the medicine, I would be strong enough to grab it. My determination was so fierce that it astounded even me. Without thinking, I grabbed the needle and with shaking hands plunged it into my own heart injecting myself with whatever was in it. I felt no pain and a small grin spread across my face as I realized, I was free. That cruel lady would never be able to harm me again.
Darkness, that's all I could see, all I could feel. I couldn't move, I couldn't breathe. But suddenly, in my darkness, I saw light.

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