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That Woman

April 2, 2009
By Meghan:) BRONZE, Somewhere, California
Meghan:) BRONZE, Somewhere, California
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Beep beep beep, “Shut up.” Sherry whispered. Beep beep beep beep beep beep, “SHUT UP!” she screamed. The incessant beeping was driving her insane. “If you don’t turn off your alarm I swear to god I will kill you!” This is the last thing she said to her best friend, before she tripped over her body.
“What do you want to know?” She asked the police officer that was questioning her. “Who is the deceased?” he asked in a brusque bored manner. “Her name is Jennifer and she’s my best friend and roommate.” She replied in dazed voice. “When did you last see her alive?” he asked in his same rude manner. She replied, “Last night, when she came back to the dorm, we went to bed at the same time.” “Did you lock the door?” he asked, “Of course, were not little kids!” she replied getting impatient with this horrible man. He continued his joyous tone by asking, “Does anyone else have a key, could anyone have gotten in?” “No not even the RA has a key.” She said smug that he had to admit she was smart by not giving out keys.
“Ok, now I just have one more thing to say, Sherry Adams you are under arrest for the murder of Jennifer Gene.” He recited as if it were nothing. Sherry’s mouth fell wide open and stayed that way until they put the cuffs on her. “You can’t possibly believe I murdered my best friend!” She screamed. “ You were in a locked room, with no other way in, and a neighbor says they heard you threaten to kill her this morning, and then saw you leave covered in blood, you have the right to remain silent…” he continued the Miranda rights.
She was alone…all alone. Her parents had been murdered earlier that year, and being an only child she had no one to bail her out. She stayed in jail for 6 months waiting for her trial date. “Can you please explain what happen that dreary morning?” The prosecutor asked. “I had gone to sleep late the night before, and woke up to her alarm. It wouldn’t stop beeping, so jokingly I threatened to kill her if she didn’t turn it off. It was a joke, I did not kill her!” she glanced around the court trying to get them to understand. “How do you explain people seeing you go to the communal bathroom covered in blood?” The prosecutor continued his skeptical tone. “I don’t know what you are talking about! I woke up and the next thing I know I am face down in a pool of my best friends blood!” She screamed at the jurors. Looking around the court she desperately wanted to find a friendly face, until she did. It was the strangest thing; it was her face, in the back row.
She screamed, it all made sense now, her parent’s murder and her best friend’s death, it was that woman. The woman who her parents hid from her, the woman who they locked up in an institution, she had forgotten about her, she had forgotten they were sisters, she had forgotten they were twins. Sherry screamed at everyone to turn around to look at that woman. She was gone, she was back, she was gone, and she was back.
Sherry was committed to a mental hospital that day, never to be released. That woman, Jodi, lived happily ever after, it has even been said that she wrote a story about it called, That Woman.

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