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Technology - A mixture of boon & curse

April 15, 2021
By BeingCreative BRONZE, Up, Other
BeingCreative BRONZE, Up, Other
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  "Technology like art is a soaring exercise of the human imagination " rightly said by Daniel Bell in the reference of technology. Is anybody think what will happen if we would back in ancient time when we have to done our work manually without any machines or equipments ? The answer in itself depicts complete significance of technology for today's generation. It is day by day not only becoming a blessings but also a necessity in our lives.

 Our forefathers cannot experience such comforts as we are witnessing now and surely our future generations as well will experience more relaxations than us. Nobody of today's time desires to live their life without innovations. It's become a big disaster for all of us if we compelled to spend our time without our gadgets. From the time we wake up in the morning to the time we slept, we found all around ourself with these innovations. They made our lives simpler and faster than ever before.       

 Innovation is helpful in many innumerable areas including education, health, infrastructure, defense, information technology, Artificial Intelligence etc .The list is uncountable and go on and on. Despite being involving younger ones, it also engages senior citizens. They are also taking benefit of it in one way or another with greatest admiration.

 The social interactions with our near & dear ones are not a big deal now. We will connect with anyone in any corner around the world with video conference & social networking sites .Information Technology has transformed our existence with addition to globalization and bridging the cultural gap.

  In the field of education, it become a revolutionised change from the traditional system to the modern one. Smart Classes are one of the fine example of it where students learned through videos & graphics besides traditional lectures. They are not only depends on textbooks but also on Internet for their craveness of knowledge. They easily quence their curiosity through digital mediums and different educational websites in both free & paid form .We are witnessing this especially in the pandemic situation when the studies have been continuing inspite of all hurdles .The geographical boundaries between teachers and students doesn't become obstacles in teaching. Nothing is unreachable for quorious people in this modern era.

  It contributing significantly in infrastructure, telecommunications & health sector. Construction of bridges, railways & many more can easily done with the help of mechanical support. Medical field also onlooker with the innovations .X-Rays & different medical devices boost this science to some other level. The diseases which regarded untreatable before especially cancer & cardiac disease has now treated successfully. This increases average human span of living according to some reports.

  Every coin has two fold effects so in a similar way technology too have some undesirable results. It no doubt makes our life effective but it making us physically unfit .Unfortunately we day by day becoming more lazy as all our work can be done with machines. The unemployment level is gradually increasing due to more use of capital intensive techniques. Consecutive generations converted towards lethargic .The values of family system now shifted on smartphones & PCs. Students are diverted from their studies and get addicted easily with useless websites. Misuse of digital technology in crime is also reported sometimes. Industrial Pollution also resultants in unsustainablity of natural resources and rapid climate change on account of more usage of machines thus alerting us for upcoming dangers .

 Technology can be used only for our betterment and we should try to avoid all the unappealing effects. It is better to be used it as a servant not as a master. "Technology should improve your life..... not become your life ".

The author's comments:

 Technology influences each and every person in one way or another irrespective of caste, creed, gender etc which is the foremost purpose of selecting this topic. We live in the era of technology advancement so this one is worth one's while.

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