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On the brink of pessimism...

February 11, 2010
By uzair munir BRONZE, Faisalabad, Other
uzair munir BRONZE, Faisalabad, Other
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What is a more blissful feeling than a mother’s first vision of her newborn baby? I asked this question from myself a myriad of times and only one answer popped in my mind and that was NO. Really no other feeling could be more blissful than this one. I am sure that the same answer would come into your mind if you would ask this question from yourself. Nine months! This time period does not elapses as fast as we speak these two words. Only a mother could tell the intensity of pain she suffers in these months just for the most exquisite reward of her life; her child. I was watching a documentary on national geographic in which they were explaining the arduous process doctors and the mother has to go through while giving birth to a baby. I heard in that documentary that they use forceps (a metal instrument) which they put around the baby’s head to pull him out. I was amazed to know how a mother has to put all her force just to push and the doctors have to take out the baby. Human body can bear only up to 45 units of pain. But at the time of giving birth, a mother feels up to 57 units of pain. This is similar to 20 bones getting fractured at a time. Just imagine the pain a mother has to go through. On the other hand doctors have to monitor her and the baby’s heart beat. As a lot of blood is lost from the mother’s body, the doctors have to arrange blood of the same group and a lot more. Why am I discussing this whole process in terms of pain and hard work? I am sure I am not the first one to discuss this whole process in this mode but I might be the only one to relate it the following way. Yesterday my mother received a call from her friend who told her that when the doctors delivered her baby, while she was risking her life for it. They found that the baby was dead. Her most blissful feeling turned into the most harrowing one. Now look! A lot of hard work was done for it. A mother risked her life for what? A dead baby? There might be thousands of mothers who would have received their babies dead as they were born. But still they haven’t given up. Babies are still being born just because there is a hope that all would be well. Same is the case with the strugglers. When they are unable to do something or to achieve something they aimed for, they blame themselves and think that they are incompetent and incapable of doing it. WRONG! This is not true. The truth is that they are not putting their full concentration into it. The question is that what distracted them?
“The belief of not succeeding”
According to my friend, to be successful one has to have ONE mind set and ONE focus. This way they could have a unified spirit and mind. On the way to success there would be so many obstacles which would try to stop you from moving ahead but you have to keep driving towards your destiny. It’s same like driving a car on a rough road. Where you have to drive looking straight and you have to evade the hurdles coming in your way. One mindset and focus would be your driving force and no IF’S and BUT’S would help you look straight. Then surely sooner or later a turn would come which will show you a clean, clear and smooth way to drive on. We just have to give our best regardless of the fact that what would happen. One has to keep doing all the effort and hard work and has to bear all the searing pain in order to achieve success, no matter if they get it or not. We can’t change the result good or bad. We have to accept it the way it comes to us. We just have to keep struggling for it until we get it and we have to remind ourselves that we will never quit.

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