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Just a Little Ammendment to Health Care

March 22, 2010
By GracieLynn BRONZE, Chehalis, Washington
GracieLynn BRONZE, Chehalis, Washington
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In an effort to improve the current health care of America, Congress recently passed their new health care bill. Included in this bill is the ability to have government funded abortions, which are already legal. But legal doesn’t always mean right, especially in today’s society. Taking away a baby’s life before it is born, all because the parents don’t want it or because it has a defect that no one wants to deal with, is “legal” and “OK” in our society—probably because we dumb down the issue and we don’t even call it a baby until it’s born. Instead we refer to the living human being as a fetus.
Thinking on this, I realize that there is one thing that Congress forgot to add to this bill. (It really will be best for us all, especially the ones having their lives taken away.) As a country, America needs Professional Serial Killers. “What would be their job description?” one might ask. Doctors will be specially trained to, like many other doctors across the country, take the lives of many across the country who aren’t wanted or who have a health problem that no one wants to deal with, and get paid for it. Trained to remove and destroy each and every part of these people, they will have no mercy on the feelings of those being disposed of. Although they are technically doctors, we’ll just stick to calling them “Professional Serial Killers” because they will set out every day, to isolate and kill those who are unwanted- using the same methods each time. Within a matter of weeks, the majority of high schools and nursing homes across the country will be virtually empty and millions of futures will be cut short. But this amendment goes beyond the walls of American high schools and nursing homes. It reaches out into the communities of everyday American cities. At the decision of whomever the person relies on the most, whether it be their husband, their cousin, or their mother, their life could be ended at any time because no one wants to put forth the effort it takes to give this person what they need to keep functioning. And don’t worry about the funding for all this—all of the needed money will come from the American people through taxes. This amendment to the new health care bill will pay off for everyone because there will be millions of people who don’t have to live with being unwanted and the Professionals will be legally protected from a murder charge.
We all need to contact our Congressmen and women to push this amendment into the new health care bill. Because the futures of many helpless Americans depends on it. The future of America depends on it. Because this is a change we need.

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