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January 4, 2011
By lbbarlow125 DIAMOND, Yonkers, New York
lbbarlow125 DIAMOND, Yonkers, New York
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"Veni Vedi Vici"

Lately,I've been thinking about what lfe really is. I wanted to expresss it in a poem, but my feelings flowed more out of pretty words and into actual realistic talk. I don't know what sense it is writing this, but I need to get it out somwhere.(Back to the real topic) Life is not an "object" or an experimentit cannot be studied. It's also more than just the beginning to a new being. I think, or I feel rather, thatlifeis more-so a feeling itself. A brand new idea or thought, the bustling feel of a city. It seems to take shape in the most utterly peculiar places. Happinessif you've ever felt raw, utterbliss it maytake hold there. Now life sounds like an "it" again. Life may be exactly like the blessed trinity actually. Now I'm noe devout catholic, but I know that the trinity is three persons in one. WE worship one god, but all the subparts one might say? So I interupted my theology teacher in class,and got into a lenghthy discussion on the trinity. She told me I was asking her questions that even the Vaticanthemselves couldn't answer. She then told me that all my questions would be fulfilled in the " next LIFE", another life? Maybe "life" is another "divine mystery" persay or it simply cannot be answered to our blinded minds here and now. Before we humans can understand anything we must first unblock ourleves. Let life takehold in us. Be one with all things pure. These are my lifelong goals and should be for the entire human race, we should honestly end the senseless violence and killing. I'm not saying forgive, and forget as JFK once said "Forgive your enemies, but never forget their names" we must be wary, but more caring lest we want want I fear most. My greaatest fear must be that human hatred will grow so powerful that life will no longer be able to take shape, orfill in any nooks and hide unhidden. (Hide unhidden meaning that you must want to see it, the average soul will see nothing and find nothing, but the enlightened soul that which strives for good will sense it's presance and feel its warmth) Mygreatest fear is that no soul will find life's hid yet unhidden sanctum, and its bliss shall never be felt again.

The author's comments:
This sorta came out of no where I was feeling light to write a simple poem then all of a sudden I couldn't stop, almost as if I weren'tmeant to. (This song might have helped in the little spak as well

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1617almost said...
on Jan. 7 2011 at 3:31 pm
1617almost, Ukiah, California
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I have to say that i dnt understand what your trying to say by this article. It seems like ur title should have more to it, because you have poetry and then you talk about life and then god. you should just try to be more clear on ur typing or something. but im not trying to get you down im only giving you some tips so that you can get better keep up the work!