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Facebook is a tool; wield it well.

February 21, 2011
By Irene GOLD, Dublin, California
Irene GOLD, Dublin, California
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Strategic reasons why you should add people on Facebook (in moderation):
If you are a student, you should add several people you feel are competent enough to be aware of what’s going on in class in each of your classes. That way, if you are absent, forget the homework, or have a question, you’ll have someone to get information from.
Adding people you talk to, but aren’t very close with isn’t always a bad thing. If there is a particularly funny or outrageous conversation, you will be able to view it and be in the loop. It is very possible that the occurrence will be brought up shortly after and, armed with your knowledge, you can be included in the discussion; you might even learn something new about the parties involved.
Becoming Facebook friends with people can also serve as an opening to make new friends in real life. This is not always the case (as we see with the friend hoarders), but Facebook allows you to mingle with others outside of school without making the effort (as you would with already established friends). It can be the bridge between being friendly acquaintances to becoming friends that kick it during the weekends. Facebook essentially allows you to learn more about others (and vice versa) and communicate with them without coming off as too creepy.
It is the norm to have more than 150 friends. It is superficial, but having a lack of friends on Facebook could deter people from accepting your friend requests. Most would view it as strange because it is normal to interact with hundreds of people regularly on a daily basis. Having fewer than 50 friends is only acceptable if a person has just created an account, or if the user is more mature and is picky about whom he or she adds.
Sending a request usually shows some level of interest in the recipient. Sending a request may also serve as a confirmation of your camaraderie with the person and can be your way of saying “we’re cool”. The person concurs by accepting your request. Be unafraid of rejection (unless you add strangers) as most people do not “ignore” requests from people they are familiar with.

Things to be mindful of while expanding your social networking empire:
Do not be overzealous in adding new friends as this may come off as desperation or creepiness. Add only whom you need and let some add you. Remember, it is a privilege to be friends with you, even if it’s just on a social networking site.
Assume that your friends keep track of every question you ask them, especially if they do not ask you many. Diversify your sources to avoid pestering others. Remember, if you are on Facebook while doing another task, such as homework, many others will probably be doing the same. Be considerate.
Do not overuse the “like” button, especially with newly added friends. The “like” button is your subtle stamp of approval. “Liking” things pertaining to others (photos, comments, posts etc.) too much lacks sincerity.

The author's comments:
This was written all in good fun. There's truth (at least I think there is) behind what I said, but it's really more of a light hearted piece.

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