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My First Day

February 10, 2015
By Danielle101 SILVER, Ocala, Florida
Danielle101 SILVER, Ocala, Florida
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You hear the bell ring, but you have no idea where you are. You feel as if you are trapped in a maze with no one to help save you. The halls are silent as the kids flood into their classrooms. When you finally find the class you're looking for, you take a deep breath and brace yourself. As you open the door, it squeaks loudly, and everyone turns and stares.

Their eyes are on you.

 The teacher looks at your schedule and tells you to find a seat. You find a desk in the back corner, and try to blend in. The teacher continues.

The first day of school is hard enough, let alone at a new school. Finding your classes, meeting your teachers, and the dreaded part... lunch time.

Leaving everything behind, everything that you have grown accustomed to can be difficult, along with the fact that you are expected to make new friends. By now, everybody knows everybody, and they already have their groups formed.

     This is not where I belong.

     This was not my choice.

The author's comments:

My family has moved around a lot, and starting at a new school can be hard. Especially during the middle of the year.

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