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Chrissy >_<

January 24, 2013
By LibbyRenee BRONZE, Burnside, Pennsylvania
LibbyRenee BRONZE, Burnside, Pennsylvania
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I am Megan Mahone and I live in Denver, Colorado. It’s very difficult here to be in my place. I live in a very lonely house moms always out with friends and my dad well lets just say hes not around much. I had moved here when I was 12 because mom wanted a change.
Today I go back to school. I hate my school I hate being the one always getting in trouble for things I don’t do. I get picked on by Chrissy everyday because I actually care about my grades and think less on looks and popularity. I guess I just need to learn how to deal with her. She has Dark brown hair, most popular girl I know. She is head cheerleader, and has thousands of friends.
I, as you could imagine, am greatly lacking in the acquaintance department. This is made painfully noticeable as I enter the halls of horror known as school. I am dressed as I normally would, jeans and a t-shirt with worn DCs. As I take reluctant steps down the chatty hallway, I am met with typical glares and snotty hair flicks from people I know to be past friends and clique members from Chrissy’s cheery cheer squad.

I clutch my wrinkled schedule with sweaty fingers. I can tell this year is going to go as swell as last year. I can already smell the toxic fumes of flowery perfume that the cliques wear, gathered around me.

“Look at her shoes! She wore those last year.”

“It looks like rats take naps in her hair. If we hear any squeaking, we’ll know where to look.”

“Do you know what I hear? Her dad is a drunk and her mom is poor trash. I bet she will be the same.”

These comments and others like it surround me in piercing whispers. Powdered faces curl into snarls as they do a poor job at being quiet. I just keep my head down, telling myself that no, I do not wish they would all be found at odd intervals lying on the side of a road, horribly mangled from a slow , painful death. It would be horrible if for some reason I wished that. I stop at what my schedule tells me is my locker and open it with a kick to the bottom of the door.

I take out a few pencils and some battered novels that I saved from my mother. She does not see the point in things with words. As I go to my class Chrissy comes up behind me and takes away my crinkled schedule and throws it in the garbage. I don’t know my schedule, so I get in the dirty trash to get it and Chrissy screamed to everybody that I am digging in the trash and all the kids started loudly laughing at me.
I get my dirty schedule and go to my class. As I’m in my class Chrissy is sitting in the back faintly staring at me in the door way so I go to my seat and sit down and she is still staring. As soon as the loud bell rang I ran out of the wooden door into the hallway and ran to my next class hoping that Chrissy isn’t in the same classroom as me again because I have to deal with her enough in the morning. When I get in my next class I notice that shes not there thank God I get a 45 min break before I have to deal with her again. In class I start to day dream about what it would be like if I were friends with a super popular person, would Chrissy still pick on me? Would she be nice? I don’t know what would happen all I know is that if I want to get away from all this bulling Chrissy does I’m going to need to find someone who understands me.
“The bell rings.”
When schools out I go to the football field and read or draw something. I don’t like to go to my house. There’s no point. No ones ever home anyways so why should I be? I just sit on the bleachers and wait until the entire foot ball/ cheerleaders are gone before I go home. But this night was different I met someone. He walked up to the seat I was at and started asking me questions.
“Hey, what’s up?”
“Hi, umm….nothing much.” I said
“Do you mind if I sit here and chat for a while, you l0ok lonely?”
“I don’t mind, but who are you?”
His name was Carter, Carter James. He was the best football player in our school. He wasn’t like the others, he wasn’t all snobby or stuck up he was more of a person guy. He didn’t care what you looked like or where you were from if you were nice to him he’d be nice to you. I found out that he didn’t like Chrissy that much either. As we sat there talking I noticed that we had a lot in common. What if Chrissy saw me talking to Carter? What would she tell everyone? Would she make up some rumor about me?
The next day at school I got the same glares from the kids in the halls. Did they know I was talking to carter?
About 5 minutes after I got my things organized in my locker I heard a voice behind me. It was him. I was not expecting to see the face I saw when I turned around. It was Carter. Standing there with him button up flannel and blue jeans he has shiney new shoes as if he had jus bought this out fit.
When Chrissy saw that I, Megan Mahone was talking to Carter! She didn’t know what to say she just walked along like I was invisible. This was not normal for her to do. She didn’t even look at me the rest of the day. I thought to myself, “ Did I save myself or was it Carter that had saved me? Was Chrissy going to still bully me if Carter wasn’t there or was she gone?”
I didn’t know what to expect.

After each class I found myself walking with Carter to my locker and to my next class, he even sat with me at my little loner table where no one would bother to sit. Have the most popular guy as a best friend was starting to make me feel like I was wanted in this world, like I had a purpose of being here.

As our friendship grew the less I got bullied. It was like Chrissy was just another person. Her “followers” weren’t begging her to pick on me. “Were they over what had been going on for age. Had I finally gotten rid of what has been around for so long?

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