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Bullying. The Truth

March 26, 2013
By MariahPotter PLATINUM, Lansing, Michigan
MariahPotter PLATINUM, Lansing, Michigan
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“We dream in our waking moments, and walk in our sleep.” -scarlett letter

I am not your punching bag.
I am not your toy.
I am not your punching bag.
I am not less then you.

I am not stronger.
I am not faster.
I am not better.
I am not worse.

I am not worthless.
I am not helpless.
I am not heartless.
I am not you.

I have a heart.
Feelings too.
I have tears.
Shed some for you.

So let me say it one more time,
I can't relieve you of this crime.

I am not your punching bag.
I am not your toy.
I am not you.
I am not weak.

The author's comments:
Stay strong.

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on Apr. 4 2013 at 10:58 am
AmorMoritur PLATINUM, Monroe, North Carolina
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"There is only you and your camera. The limitations in your photography are in yourself, for what we see is what we are." ~Ernst Haas

love it!!! its great :D

on Mar. 30 2013 at 6:58 pm
Scarlett_the_pegacorn BRONZE, Niceville, Florida
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Don't tell me how to live my life; I do what I want.

true that.