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My Triumph in Bullying

April 9, 2013
By HaliBug PLATINUM, Apopka, Florida
HaliBug PLATINUM, Apopka, Florida
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My name is Hali. I'm fifteen years old, and I went through a lot of bullying that caused me to be taken out of school and put into home school. When I was twelve years old, I was constantly being picked on for having big ears and crooked teeth. A friend of mine turned on me when people started spreading rumors that we were lesbians. She thought that I had spread the rumors, so she started to join the teasing. Unfortunately, we lived in the same apartment complex, and had classes together. She picked on me constantly on the school bus, and whenever I was getting dressed for gym she would pick on me for being overweight. I also had been dying my hair, so my natural red hair color was coming back through the brown dye. My red hair is a lighter red, and so she would pick on me for 'balding'. I had no friends, and cried every day I came home from school. I was constantly being called ugly, having things thrown at me, and was pushed to the point to where I even cut myself, thinking if I died everything would finally end. When I didn't cut a vein, the pain brought me back. I talked to my Mom and eventually she pulled me out of school, putting me in home school.

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When I heard that Teen Ink was going to be doing a book on bullying, I was instantly drawn to it. I want to stop bullying, and the first way to do it, is to share with others what I've gone through during my experience in school.

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