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My Tao

April 9, 2013
By RynnTopia SILVER, Needville, Texas
RynnTopia SILVER, Needville, Texas
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I have lived a long 15 years.
If my life were a string,
And my tears were knots,
There would be many.
But I am not here
To whine about the knots in my string
Or to water down your coffee with my tears
That would be gross
No, for though there are many types of knots that can be tied,
There is always one goal in mind:
To keep something in place.
For one reason or another,
I refuse to stand still.
For every knot that is tied,
There is someone who wants to untie it
To be free.
In my life string,
I am that person.
And in untying my life knots,
I have learned something
About truth.
About Tao.
About life.
And that is that everything is relative
Good versus bad,
Love versus hate
And because everything is relative,
There is no right answer.
After all, what is right if nothing is wrong?
So get off your high horse.
Take your nose down a couple inches…feet…
And bend your neck
Until your nose is inside your heart.
Sniff there
Not all roses, is it?
Step away from the drama that you let run your life
And cool your feet in the ocean
Fear not the jellyfish;
We only sting a little
And you can always pee on yourself if we do.
Not that you would,
You sadistic human.
Difference is not a disease
It’s not contagious
And believe it or not
You’re different too,
Because what is the same if there is difference?
What is difference is none of us are the same?
It’s all relative
So chill
Love yourself
So you can love others,
The way you deserve to.

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