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Sticks & Stone work just like Words

July 8, 2013
By Shadoww GOLD, Oak Lawn, Illinois
Shadoww GOLD, Oak Lawn, Illinois
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Now here's a rhyme for you boys and girls
It's really nothing new
It's a few sweet words,
That you were once told
And young kids are taught to be true

Well here it goes
Perhaps you'll remember a little word or two
"Sticks and stones may break my bones
But words will never hurt me."
It's just too bad
That this is not true
For words can leave great big wounds

It leaves scars and bruises
Scratches and gashes
Many times hidden
Not easy to rid of

Words can stain
In purples and blues
And many times in clear
But sometimes
What others can't see
Is that they like to stain in red

Now, everyone
Heed my warning
Because what I say is true
Keep an open mind,
See what's in sight
Because not everyone is very nice

All it takes is one little thing
One action
One word
Even the tiniest glance
And you may have just killed a little soul

So remember,
Be nice.
One little smile will do
The slightest thing
Can change someone's mood

Do not be rude
You do not know who they are
Never be quick to judge
All it takes is one little

And they're out of sight
All because of you

Hmm, this is a bit depressing
So how about a little humor?
Do not dread this
For it's almost over

Words may hurt
But so do sticks & stones
Remember, I said to keep an open mind
Hurt by words
Or stones
Who knows!
Just keep in mind,
You're not the only one who can throw

So that's my tale
It ends here
Please try to be a little nice
Wether it is a stick
Or a stone
Or just a little word
They can all cause a world of hurt

The author's comments:
As kids we're taught that bullying shouldn't hurt us. The only problem with that is that we are only human. Bullying will always hurt. As people, we need to understand that this is one problem that will not disappear.

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