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an unforgettable community service experience leading a club.

June 4, 2023
By HarleyLiu SILVER, Irvine, California
HarleyLiu SILVER, Irvine, California
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During my time in high school, I felt a significant growth process from immaturity to maturity. It was a journey of becoming more independent, reflective, and resilient. After earning income from selling handmade leather goods as a hobby, I wanted to use that money for more meaningful endeavors.

By a stroke of luck, my dad's friend needed to sell some medical assistive devices at a low price due to work-related reasons. I seized this opportunity and acquired a batch of backpack correctors, shoulder braces, and foot supports. With these items, in the 10th grade, I reached out to classmates and consulted teachers to apply for and receive approval for my own club at school. It was a brave challenge for me.

Through research, I found a community center and organized a donation event for the backpack correctors. However, I overlooked the age range and practicality for the children there. Nevertheless, this valuable opportunity allowed me to lead the club members in brainstorming and planning for several days. We prepared informative speeches on spinal health and even prepared questions for a Q&A session.

On the day of the event, we enthusiastically presented our well-prepared health speeches and live demonstrations to the children. However, I could see from their perplexed expressions that our preparations didn't have the desired effect. So, we quickly discussed and decided on a solution. Drawing upon my drama skills learned at school, I swiftly prepared a script and assigned roles to each club member. Through entertaining voice-overs and captivating performances, we successfully promoted the importance of spinal health and satisfactorily completed the event.

From this activity, I learned that venturing into the social sphere isn't easy. From initial rejections when reaching out for contacts to personally inquiring about the backpack correctors, I experienced moments of puzzlement and eventually the joy of receiving positive responses. I believe that as long as we maintain our initial passion and persist with unwavering determination, things will develop in a positive direction.

The author's comments:

This is an experience of myself leading my club at school, spread important spine health knowledges, donate posture corrector to community center and organized fun activities to help comprehend. 

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