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When Families Come Together

January 13, 2009
By Jamie! GOLD, Hartland, Wisconsin
Jamie! GOLD, Hartland, Wisconsin
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Tough times don't last... Tough people do.

At the young age of 19, my cousin Alex announced she was engaged. No one liked her fiance, Rick, who was manipulative, flaky, and annoying. He dragged the engagement out for three or four years before they set a date for the wedding and the only reason a date was even set is because he knocked her up. The engagement and wedding rings looked like they came out of toy machines for little kids. The whole picture was pathetic. You didn't have to scrutinize anything to see that this was bound for disaster.
The wedding was quaint and rather boring. The ceremony was tense; it was hard for people to keep their objections in when it got to that part. But, we all dealt with it and life went on.
Then came the time when the baby was born. He was a precious little boy who came out healthy and normal, thank God. He hadn't shown the malady of brainlessness that his mother and father posessed, so that was a plus. No one was happy about the way this baby had come into the world, but we weren't going to take it out on him. Just because he had loser parents, didn't mean he deserved to be treated like a loser. He was an amicable, well-tempered, normal baby. We were astute with Alex and Rick about taking care of him. Alex and Rick entered into this with a money deficiency and used their son to solicit their lack of proper funds. Even though we weren't happy about it, the family came together to help Rick and Alex for the baby's sake. Had it not been for the help that we gave them, they wouldn't have made it and who knows what the baby's life would've been like.

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