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Fancy Pup

September 28, 2007
By Anonymous

The Humane Society is an animal shelter that tries to adopt out cats and dogs that need a loving, kind home. Since they have a no kill policy they need foster parents. Foster parents care for the innocent animals for around two weeks. That is where my family comes in.

It was an extremely hot and humid day. The sun was burning and created a haze in the cloudless sky. I was finishing some easy homework when the garage door opened. My mother strolled into the house, carrying a small, baby puppy. It was black with brown paws and stomach. I went to get her brother, who was a black fluff ball. The little girl (named Fancy) was a sweetie. She would tumble around, and let you pet her all day. Her brother was different. He would only lie down all day, and not care if he was gently touched. He was very lethargic too. We called him Franky. The two puppies were adorable. What is not so cute is a queasy sickness. Unfortunately, Franky started throwing up. He refused to eat his food too. On the second day he was with us my mother took him to the vet. My mother came home four hours later. Slowly, she explained that Franky had a deadly disease called parvo. Our older dog (Moxie) would not get it. She was still a very happy, lively, and friendly dog. Later that night we heard strange noises downstairs. My mother went to see what was happening. Fancy had started to throw up. My mother carefully drove Fancy to the vet, where Franky was. Over the next week the two puppy patients stayed at the vet. We checked on them every day. I soon lost interest, since I was very busy. One evening my mother asked me to come and help with chores. I let out a small groan. This is just what I needed. Once downstairs I turned to my mother, and there was Fancy!!! In all of my excitement my mother explained that Fancy was doing great with recovery. We were supposed to care for her for another two weeks. The worst of everything was that Franky was dead. We also were not allowed to foster puppies for another 6 months. It was a quarantine rule. Fancy was immune to the virus now, and she is doing wonderfully. We had to feed her special food for a while, and will give her dry food after a week. Now, Fancy is a happy, playful, healthy bundle of joy. Moxie, my older dog, even enjoys her company. I still smile when Fancy looks at me with those big brown eyes. She seems to say “I love you” or “Did you miss me.” Fancy really deserves a kind, loving, and promising family. I will absolutely make sure she gets one.

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