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Picking Up Trash Isn't the Only Way to Help

February 25, 2008
By Anonymous

Picking Up Trash Isn't the Only Way to Help

Many students are involved in sports and other activities that are fun for them. These activities encourage communities to get involved with school spirit and encouraging students. However, what many students don't realize is that communities can be helped in other ways that are fun. I am a sophomore at Mahanoy Area High School in Pennsylvania. I am involved in a club there called Interact. Interact helps the community in numerous ways, but its most effective way is through a program used all over the US called Meals On Wheels. Meals On Wheels is a program that delievers meals to the community's elders who order them. In our town, Mahanoy City, we deliver to in-town homes along with the High Rise, an elderly living building. This form of community service is rewarding and fun. It is done year long and during the school day during the school year. Groups of four students deliever at a time. One driving student and a passenger delievers meals to in-town customers. Meanwhile, two students deliever the High Rise residents' food. The customers love seeing the students' faces and not having to always prepare their own meals. Also, some even give candy or small tips, and are always willing to share a joke or a story. The best part is, you get to do the work with your friends, so it's always a fun experience. So, if you're looking to help out the community, find out more about your local Meals On Wheels program and get some friends to sign up along with you. It's worth it!

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