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Who Should Have To Suffer? MAG

By Anonymous

   To help a saddened soul,

or mend a hurting heart,

To this I'd give my life

if I could play a part.

To feel the burning sizzle of happiness,

swarm from the depths of black despair.

To lend my sturdy hand to anyone,

who is hurting anywhere.

To share my joy in life

to anyone in need,

To sprout a little hope

like a fragrant daisy seed.

Who should have to suffer?

To steal away their blanket of pain,

and leave an ounce of hope

To see a little fear subside

as the injured learns to cope

To halt a salty tear,

from crawling down a scarlet cheek,

To lend a drop of quenching Gatorade-like strength,

to the devastated, the tired, and the weak.

To hear careless laughter is a ringing praise

that echoes so sweetly in my ear.

It means one less soul is suffering,

and simple joys are very near.

Who should have to suffer?

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i love this so much!