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   CCD Teacher

by J. M., Weymouth, MA
A few months ago, my best friend Nicole, unable to fulfill her duties as a third grade Confraternity of Christian Doctrine (CCD) teacher, asked me to help her out. I cringed at the idea. I did not want to spend my Tuesday afternoons cajoling a room full of hyper eight-year-olds to learn about the Christian faith. Unable to think of a believable excuse, I hesitantly agreed to teach for her.
It was just what I expected: a group of eight-year-olds running rampant, deaf to my orders to take a seat. I had to turn cartwheels and promise them candy in order to win their attention. As soon as I had their attention and began to teach the lesson, I was bombarded with shouts of "That's not how Nicole does it!" I calmly explained I was going to teach my way and if they didn't like my way, they were free to leave and spend the afternoon in the office. Needless to say, all were willing to give my way a try.
These days, I have become a permanent replacement for Nicole. I look forward to seeing "my kids" and bestowing my Christian knowledge on them. I truly enjoy the class and I think they do, too. I can honestly say it is no longer a hassle, but a privilege to spend my Tuesdays with such a wonderful bunch of kids.

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