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   Danbury Hospital

by S. K., Bethel, CT

Walking down the long corridors, I sense the seriousness in the air. The odor is one of pure cleanliness. People in white coats walk around with not the slightest grin, yet the feeling that a life is being saved or being born is sensed. These characteristics could only be one of a hospital; the Danbury Hospital.

Over the lingering, impetuous summer I spent two days a week volunteering. I did laboratory work and delivered flowers. There are many jobs to choose from to fit your interests. These jobs made me realize how many people it takes to run a hospital. Three hundred volunteers plus the regular staff lined the hallways doing their jobs diligently.

There were many people, especially old, kind women, who volunteer so much of their time for the benefit of society which was something I had never seen. Many people are unsung and do not receive recognition for their enormous efforts; yet, the feelings of satisfaction they get from helping people is so great that recognition is not needed. Although community service looks very good on a college application, I hope that students who perform various services are doing them for the benefit of society, not just to fill their requirements.

The Danbury Hospital respects its volunteers and the volunteers respect the patients and staff. If you are a responsible and trustworthy person, working at a hospital could be for you. At Danbury Hospital, I felt very satisfied to help out and was happy to be part of something that is great.

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