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Two Pennies and a Dime MAG

November 5, 2015
By Freedom55 SILVER, Sacramento, California
Freedom55 SILVER, Sacramento, California
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My fingers search for loose change.
I pull out two pennies and a dime.
A scruffy man gladly takes the money.
What a pity, I think.
That poor man lost everything.
Now he is resorting to begging.

My footsteps hit the pavement.
Rain droplets begin to touch my auburn hair.

But I start to have a different thought.
The man
Didn’t want to be a member of society.
He felt that the world wasn’t meant for everyone.

Two pennies and a dime.

He felt so alone
and so helpless
that the only thing he could do
was give up.

Two pennies and a dime.

No one ever cared for him.
No one ever supported him.
No one ever loved him.

Two pennies and a dime.

Rain falls heavy on my ideas.
My heels turn.
I run.
Run to the homeless man.
I catch up to him
Out of breath,
With a 20 in my hand.

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