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October 3, 2007
By Anonymous

A tear drop falls into the sea,
a tear drop of full bearing beauty.
a tear drop so full of emotion,
fall so many to fill an ocean.
the water drop falls and hits the tide,
so long held back, trying to hide.
it hits and ripples wide,
each ripple is categorized.
of all the drama out of macbeth,
the first ripple resembles death.
A death so sudden, so terrible.
The pain overwhelming, unbearable.
it ripples out into disbelief,
spreading out, hits sticks and leaf.
those objects are comforting persons,
yet the hurt only worsens and worsens.
anger chases after the numbness,
the pain seems to get no less.
jealousy fills me of all other,
for they still have their father.
sorrow fills me as i finally admit,
anger drifts away as sadness follows it
the ripple of that tear will drift away,
i will learn to except someday,
its the fact that i will never miss
the fact that i am fatherless.
daddy, i will always love you,
though you be buried beneath the dew.
rest in pease below the ground
may the memories ever so abound.

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