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There's Still...

March 17, 2008
By Anonymous

She takes off from her home in a fit of fury. Her ears are plugged with heavy music as she starts on the path. Slowly, the wind blowing around her begins to calm down the anger inside. As she crosses under the bridge, she eagerly anticipates the sight ahead. Suddenly, a voice calls her back to reality. A short spat and she’s back into her world full of peace. Slow steps take her down on the rocks by the water’s side. Before long, she spots a rat running back to its home. Soon after, a rabbit hops out from the tall grass growing in the stones. Smiling, she continues while the music softens. On her way to find the perfect place, she sees a seagull trying to run away. The bird drags along behind him a wing damaged and disjointed. She decides to take a detour and talks calmly to him, trying to reel him in. All she wants to do is help, but the seagull doesn’t trust her and continues to run. She sighs and walks away from the poor bird aimlessly. But the waves crashing onto the broken shore remind her why she’s here. She continues to stroll along the uneven rocks and through the odd plants with beautiful flowers that aren’t seen anywhere else. Finally, she reaches a place where the rocks are flat and smooth and there isn’t a person in sight. Happily, she sits down where the waves are the highest and watches the water dance. Her mind unwinds as her body rocks with the familiar calm music. Then, when the sun has finished setting, she gets up with her heart feeling light and returns on her trail back home. She sees the bunny again with two more friends and next to them is the wounded seagull. Again, she tries to approach him, but he starts leaving again. She senses his pain and leaves him alone in peace. Going through the path on the other side of the bridge once again, she sees something that wasn’t there before. A firefly. Wandering off, she tries to catch it only to find more. Knowing it’s a pointless quest, she stops trying to catch anymore. Instead, she laughs as they sparkle in turn. Walking on a dirt path, she follows the light of the little bugs until they lead her back to the city lights. Heaving a heavy sigh, she treads the path back to her tiring city life.

There’s still beauty in the industry.

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