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Winter Wonderland

October 2, 2011
By SamiStarkid2276 GOLD, Coventry, Rhode Island
SamiStarkid2276 GOLD, Coventry, Rhode Island
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With the snow falling down to Earth by gravity's pull, each flake different than the next, you watch intrigued. The crisp, chilly wind nipping at your cheeks. The scent of burning wood reaching your nose, while you sit watching the piles of snow grow.

"This nightWe prayOur lives Will show This dream He had Each child Still knows."
The lyrics of the Christmas Cannon reaching your ears, a long with the other songs of the holidays. Smiling slightly, you let your mind clear, only listening to the music below where you sit and start to sway.

No one knows the real winter until you know how cold it is. How the snow is, when not just little dots on the "moving picture box". But winter is a time where everything, though the EXTREMELY chilly weather, is perfect. Family is always there, and everything is beautiful.

Glistening white snow, falling from the dark grey sky, creating layers.
That's winter. Snow falling. Making the front of your yard, look wonderful. And the trees, appearance is never a problem. The dark branches contrast the white snow. The rooftops, with a sheet of glistening crystal making them sparkle.

Fire places, and candles. With the fire burning bright, so many memories can be in your family room. Friends and family gathering to have a good time, all gathering around the fire to escape the chill from outdoors. Lighting candles so the aroma of pine cones fills the air.

This is winter.

The author's comments:
Winter is a great time of year; all the warm, cozy feelings in your house's, and the snow fall. To me, it is home.

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