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By Anonymous

      As the depletion of our three fossil fuelscontinues, an even bigger problem is occurring. Besides the fact that thesenon-renewable resources are about to be terminated, the excessive utilization ofcoal, oil and natural gas is creating a horrific disaster for our future Earth.These fossil fuels power most of our automobiles and are the source of theelectricity and energy which run our world. With this said, it is very hard tolet go of these energy producers. Fossil fuels are the number one way of creatingenergy (it is the fastest and easiest) and until we find something as efficient,we are bound to use them until the very day they run out. Then we will be facinga difficult situation.

This nightmare to which I refer is global warming.Carbon dioxide, the main cause of global warming, is constantly being poured intoour atmosphere. As the carbon dioxide level and other greenhouse gases (methane,nitrous oxide and chlorofluorocarbons) build up, they create a layer around theatmosphere. This layer acts as a blanket, trapping air within this area andenabling it to escape. Over millions of years the average temperature of ourplanet has increased, creating major problems. Since 1850 the rise in globaltemperature has been 1 degrees C, although scientists argue that this warmingcould just be natural fluctuation. Factories, automobiles, fires and many otherthings are the foundation of this tragedy that many don't even realize exists.

Millions of years ago, the dinosaurs became extinct. To this dayscientists have not discovered why and are curious about what actually happened.To think that a species lived for more than a million years and then suddenlydisappeared is quite peculiar. Behind all of this is a reason. One theory (thatmakes sense) is that the carbon dioxide level rose to a high level. As thisgreenhouse effect occurred, the heat became unbearable, and the dinosaurs werewiped out. If this actually happened, it could happen to us. We should beprepared and aware ahead of time, yet we are doing nothing. If abusingtransportation and cutting down rainforests continue, global warming willcertainly become a dangerous issue. By the time the whole world's attention willbe called to this disaster, it will be too late. This is why we need to startright now.

Over the past 20 years, cars have become so common that mostfamilies have at least two. People take advantage of cars by driving to theirnext-door neighbor's house or driving vans with only one passenger. This waste ofenergy is causing our world to deteriorate. As cars and factories become morenecessary for our growing society, trees are being cut down to make room forhighways and neighborhoods. If you can't decrease the amount you drive, you canat least stand up to protect rainforests. The trees breathe in the carbon dioxideto replenish our atmosphere with oxygen. As the number of trees decrease, theamount of carbon dioxide increases. If the carbon dioxide level is higher thanthe oxygen level, we too will become extinct.

Other horrible things couldhappen because of global warming. Ice caps in the North and South Poles couldmelt, raising the sea level and causing coastal flooding. Our fresh water supplycould dry up and farms would no longer be able to feed people.

But if wetake the time to plant a tree, or use public transportation once in a while, itwould help. If we don't try, then we obviously don't care about our earth. Ourplanet has nurtured humans for thousands of years with an abundant supply ofwater and air. So why can't we help our Earth? Why can't we protect our Earth, soour Earth can protect us?

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