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I Stand Alone MAG

By Anonymous

   My name is tree. If you really knew what you were doing to me and my family you would not do it. When I was young, you did your best to help me, my brother, and sister grow. As I got older, your children ignored me and showed me no love. Now I am old and I stand alone.

One by one you killed my family. First two men in coon-skin hats chopped down my grandma and grandpa. Look to your left, do you see that barn? That barn is Grandma and Grandpa. At least they are still together. Now I stand alone.

Next two funny-looking men in plaid shirts brought saws and cut down my mom and dad. Look down, under your feet. Those wood chips that you walk on so carelessly are Mom and Dad. At least they are still together. Now I stand alone.

Several years later, the same men came back for my brother and sister. You now sit on them without thinking twice about it. Yes, my brother and sister are the benches. Now I stand alone.

You built your world of technology around me. You have used my family, yet you give them no thanks. Each time you took them one by one, you took a little piece of me, my love, my life. Now I stand alone. ^

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i love this so much!