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Briliant Idea From Nowhere

May 21, 2008
By Anonymous

Okay, this is one of those ideas that just seems to pop out of the ground and smack you in the face. I had an idea of a form of hybrid car that uses no gasoline to fuel it. Instead it uses battery power, wind power, and water power.
Inside the motor of the car it uses the battery to start up and initially go. The wind and water come to factor in after you start your car and it gets going. Wind rushes inside the grill of your car and spins; this causes electricity from the wind to take over for the battery, also saving battery power.
After you car has been started then water will use be heated and sent up a pipe to a fan, creating a steam engine motion, which will spin a fan that causes gears to move that spin a belt and keeps your motor running. The water will keep your car going as you’re stopped. A secondary purpose for the wind powered fan would be to cool the water if it is making your motor run too fast, preventing overheating.

In conclusion and to sum things up, battery power is just good for starting everything. Water is actually the factor that makes your motor run. Wind is what will be used while the water is heating up, and for a secondary function will keep the car cool enough to run without overheating. Now as far as I can see this car would work until we can make the actual hydrogen car and get that car into the system.

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