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June 4, 2008
By Anonymous

“Wake up!” yelled Joe’s dad trying to wake him up from his night sleep. Joe’s dad was waking him up to go and help him with his farm like always. They owned 31 acres of land a 30 acres were greenhouses. In these greenhouses they grew bell peppers that are known worldwide. They had just recently harvested. They harvested 45 tons of bell peppers per acre so roughly around 1350 tons of bell peppers. The family’s peppers are best known for their freshness and the fantastic taste the peppers have.

Joe usually wakes up at 5 every morning to help his farther on their farm, but this morning he was tired and his father had to force him out of his bed. He use to complain about this early time, but got use to the time and is thankful his dad doesn’t wake him up as early as his farther wakes up. Joe’s dad goes by the name Fred. Joe loves helping his dad on the farm and whenever he has free time you can expect he will be helping his dad.

Joe though isn’t his dad’s only worker. Fred has many more employees to harvest, plant, check the irrigation, and all the jobs that the farm has. Joe always had small jobs his dad trusts him with. Today though Joe would be planting new Bell pepper plants, he always loved the planting season. The different plants need to be planted 18 to 24 inches apart and Joe knew that from past experience. A lot of pre-work had been done, like making sure all the irrigation works. Also the soil is fertilized and everything is working properly. Later these plants would have beautiful tasty bell peppers that would be harvested. This was Joe’s other favorite season. Fred had taught a lot about the harvest season, including, Bell peppers on average are harvested at 40 to 48 tons per acre. 29 million dollars worth of bell peppers were harvested in the Coachella valley. They were grown on 31,000 acres of land. Joe was fascinated with these facts and always asked his dad when harvesting would take place. His dad always had two dates for him, once in summer and once in winter.

That day though as Joe was working he asked his dad why he didn’t plant different plants on their farm. His dad responded by say, “Well first of all Joe I just love bell peppers, from their taste to their beautiful color.” This didn’t surprise Joe at all because he also loved both of thoese things. Joe then asked if Bell Peppers were an easy plant to grow. “The Bell Pepper plant is great to grow in the desert. The plant loves warmer temperatures and won’t last in the cold.” Then Fred stated, “When the bell pepper is harvested they break off easily from the plant which makes the harvest go by fast and easy.”

As the day went on and Joe finished his day’s work of planting, he went to his house to wash up and get ready for dinner. There dinner always consisted of bell peppers. Joe’s mom always found new recipes using bell peppers so dinner never got old. That night though they were having Vegetarian Stuffed Peppers, one of Joe’s favorite meals.

Once Joe finished his meal he went and watched TV. He started to ask his dad about how healthy was the Bell Pepper. His dad said they were very healthy. Joe usually asked about other fruits and vegetables but today he was wondering about the plant his dad grew. “Actually, the Bell Peppers has twice the amount of vitamin C then the citrus fruits. Bell Peppers are packed with Vitamins C which can prevent cancer,” said Fred. Joe was amazed by this and was starting to love the Bell Pepper as much as his farther. As the conversation ended Joe headed up to bed excited for the next day’s work and what it would bring to him.

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