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The Enviornment: Are We Really Doing What We Can To help It?

August 8, 2008
By tracersz4life PLATINUM, Glendale, New York
tracersz4life PLATINUM, Glendale, New York
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When you learn about how to help the enviornment and help keep the planet fresh and clean you learn lots of different things to help it. Things such as recycling, turning the faucet off and a lot of other things you need to do. But is any of this actually helping the enviornement or is it making it worse? I guess what my point here is, is that everything they say is helping the world might actually be hurting it.
They tell you to recycle. Recycling uses up a LOT of energy. All that energy they are using to do that is just contributing to our major problem of pollution. Instead of putting your recycables in the recycling bag and putting it out on the curb, you should try to re-use it yourself. You could use it over again or maybe you could even make something out of it. Anything is better that getting rid of it.
Another problem we have with the world is meat eating. If you became a vegetarian you could really change the world. For people that eat meat you should really know that all the animals you are eating, has a major interruption in the food chain. For that one chicken you eat it could effect everything. Did you know that most of the grain and all the food used to feed the animals you eat could feed most of Africa. So consider the change and go vegetarian!
Those problems in our world are only one of many so look stuff up online and see other ways you can help save our home!

The author's comments:
What made me write this article was knowing that there was a lot of problems in the world and doing nothing about it. I wanted to spread the word and let people actually see what really is going on.

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