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Help Me!!!!

October 14, 2008
By Anonymous

Let’s down to business. Education and volunteer ship are the main parts to keeping the forest clean and healthy.

Patrol and more patrol on litter bugs. We can have those awesome volunteers go out with their families and pick up litter and help us make our environment better. If we don’t soon our trails will become stinky rotten land fills. I love walking on trails but I hate having to pick up someone’s water bottle or candy rapper.

Those people that have those degrees to be forest rangers lets give those people some jobs. They can go up there plant new different trees. Make trails clean and more visible and maybe even talk to the people who are hiking and see what they think they think we should improve.

Education is a big part of this. If we don’t get this new generation motivated about our environment then who will save our environment. We need to get kids up on environmentally friendly field trips. Up to show kids that our forests will be like if we don’t take action now. We need our generation to take a step and become the best forest keepers ever.
Now doesn’t that deserve some money? Let’s get our generation up and off our bum’s.

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