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A Worldwide Issue

December 15, 2008
By Anonymous

The environment we live in today is struggling. We don’t see it every time we walk out the door, but it is slowly degrading, day-by-day with all of our thoughtless actions. As a society we consume things at an extremely fast rate. Our environment is able to change over time to new surroundings and has done so for thousands of years. But when our development and consumption is increasing at such a high rate it is hard for the environment to change with us. Surely over time plants will mutate in a particular way to take in certain chemicals in the atmosphere cause by the combustion of many fuels. The problem is that it takes time and with our busy schedules today we take little notice to the destructive force we have on the environment.
Some people have began to realize what kind of a toll we have done by continually pumping harmful chemicals into the environment because the climate has recently began to change drastically enough to notice. Yes there are scientists who have been telling us the consequences and the current situation for years, but has the general public or government actually taken it upon themselves to do something. The answer is no or if so very little action has been taken. Our government over the past twenty years could have been enforcing better fuel efficiency on all our cars, because the technology is out there and was attainable, but they some how thought that others things where more necessary. We could very well be driving cars that get 70 miles to the gallon, for fact there is even one that should be available to us. The Ford Fiesta ECOnetic, currently being sold in Europe, can get 65 mpg running on diesel fuel. Then you may be thinking, well why isn’t it in the US? The answer to that is because it is too expensive for the American based car company to sell in America.
Our society or better yet the world needs to stand up and demand for better use of resources and better treatment to the environment. The dangers may not be very relevant currently, but in a couple of years we could very well be looking back on our careless mistakes. These hybrid cars that we seem to believe are doing great thing are not even making a dent in cleaning up world pollution because of how much chemicals are being pumped out of China every day. Helping the environment has to be a worldwide effort, without everyone’s support we will continue t see our world subside.

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