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Earth's Necter

September 21, 2015
By OdysseyChild PLATINUM, Clermont, Florida
OdysseyChild PLATINUM, Clermont, Florida
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I am a citizen of the world, an a student of the universe.

Seven billion people in the world. Seven billion consumers,an counting.71% of the earth is covered in water,oceans make up over 96.5% of the water on planet earth.


Though water also exist in the air as water vapor,in rivers an lakes,as icecaps an glaciers;also in the ground as soil moisture and aquifers.Human beings an almost all living organisms are made up of of water molecules.


Every living mammal needs water to survive.It has been put in record that humans can go 2 weeeks without eating;but,only 3 days without H20.Here is the fact less than 1% of earths water is drinkable(0.37%) exactly.


Why!?,Why is the source that the dominate species on the planet, relize on for mere survival,in smaller supply then oil an minerals on earth.Or,are we ment to be the dominate species on earth?,Just a question.


Theory 1:Destin for domb;all mammmals need non-salt water.So whomever devine being,God or maybe even extra-terrestrial superior,who created earth expects us to run out.Go extinct!!!


Theory 2:Evolve enough to survive;majority of earth is water(undrinkable water).One would believe the creator"whomever",expected that over the course of human history:we would evolve enough to learn to purify the waters of the oceans an seas.


Overall, threw science we have learned that there are several kinds of water.Scientist will continue to further themselfs to fix humanitys problems.To make earth a bit easier to live on.Untill then these two theorys stand in my mind,an that of the current generations of consumers of earths necter. 

The author's comments:

I was taking a long road trip when I began thinking about how much water cover the earth;I became infatuated with the subject so I went an found the facts,Here are conclutions.

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