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A message for you.

October 13, 2021
By awesome_writer BRONZE, Lahore, Other
awesome_writer BRONZE, Lahore, Other
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opportunities don't come to you , you make them for yourself, BY yourself....

"eat an apple, stay healthy"

"Exersice daily and keep your body healthy!"

"you so underweight and you call THAT healthy? yeah no!"

"you are a little too healthy.......no offence"

"put on some weight to look healthy"


"loose some weight to look healthy!"


this whole concept of 'health' that we as a society are following IS NOT HEALTHY! now how is this possible one might ask? the word health basically means the overall conditon of one's body if not specified. The word healthy means  that your body or any organ is in well condition while working properly but the idea of 'health' that we are forced to believe on isn't what it stands for.

we are forced to believe that a healthy person is the one who spends 2-3 hours in gym with a toned body and flat stomach with absolutely no body mass of fat. but have you ever considered that a flat stomach is also something the poor or miserable have. We don't glamorize that do we? while people with anorexia try councelling to get out of that thing so that they can eat, sleep and live properly, we force ourselves to starve because there has been an equation that's installed in our brains...

                      health=less weight=flat stomach

Losing weight,gaining weight, having an ideal weight type, being chubby or skinny isn't someting to be ashamed about and definetely isn't something to be made fun of. People criticize people as if thier physical appearence sort lies with thier will. I remember when my mother told me that:

          "you don't get to pick or choose your physical appearence traits, because if it was possible everyone would have tried to look like maira khan, katrina kaif, taylor swift or Lisa Manoban. they are unique so is everybody else! the only thing we can do is to enhance ourselves with out personality."

And now I feel like that every single word was true. Because I remember when in middle school my mental health was a mess and I hated myself the most with absolutely zero confidence, I walked through the corridoors or hallways feeling terrible and thinking "oh no they are looking at me and judging me".....it killed me . 

over the course of past 2-3 years I have learnt to love myself and based on my observations i have picked up something ...

"everyone is so sceptical about themselves that they only pay attention to themselves! They only pay attention to you in a negative way when they are INSECURE! there are some people who are gonna judge you no matter WHAT! and bullies? psychology has proved that bully behaviour is a hunger for unnecessary attention and dominance because bully behaviour is caused by insecurities and the fear of being ignore "

If someone tries to bully me now, i just remember this and act so calm with a little sweet sarcasm that they just shut up; now i am in college, ever since then the same hallways that scared me, are now my runways. The same corridoors by which I used to pass with my head down, I walk through them with my head high, shoulders back and a smile on my face. Ever since I have learned that the true people will stay and you will always find good and bad everywhere, I am not afraid to speak my mind of express my feelings. I show my interests and overall I stay as I am....like the real me. Ever since i have stopped doubting myself, opportunities are just flooding. 

In the light of everything stated so far, I just wanted you to know, I am not perfect, you are not perfect, your bully is not perfect, that popular girl at your school isn't perfect, that guy that is soooo famous isn't perfect, that person you idealise and want to be like isn't perfect, your crush isn't perfect, your girlfriend isn't perfect, your boyfriend isn't perfect and NOBODY IS PERFECT......

and this 'imperfection'.........is perfect and healthy.

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