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Unhealthy Fast Food

January 28, 2008
By Anonymous

Over the past decade, more American’s have been gaining weight, in comparison to loosing weight. About 300,000 Americans die from obesity or overweight health related problems each year! Eating too much fast food can lead to obesity and increase heart attack/disease risks etc. The fast food industry makes up a big part of the “obesity/overweight issue”. They are known to be one of the leading causes of these common ailments. The Fast Food Restaurants serve a variety of meal choices, yet 98% of the menu is considered to be “unhealthy” (contains high fat etc.), according to the Nutritional Facts of the food and the “2-Facts” Database. In the Fast Food Restaurant, McDonald’s, most of the food consists of pure sugar! This seems very unlikely but it’s extremely true! You may think that McDonald’s salads are safe to eat! But, they aren’t! Even McDonald’s salads and dressings contain sugar in them. Lawyers, who are against the industry, agree that the fast food advertisements target children. Children are a gigantic part of the industry, due to the fact that they have “small”, wondering minds. Therefore, they will whine and beg to go to these restaurants. McDonald’s, promotes their food by giving away toys with each “Happy Meal” (consists of One Hamburger/Cheeseburger/6-piece Chicken Nuggets, Drink~ Normally Soda, and French Fries) in order to attract more children to eat/go to the restaurant. In 2001, McDonald’s spent over 600 million dollars on advertising (including the toys)! A recent poll taken shows that many Fast Food restaurants (across the country) could actually care less about their consumer’s health! It states the following statistics: 84% of the restaurants polled did NOT care for their consumer’s health, 13% cared to a very small extent, and 3% cared. This shows that most Fast Food restaurants would not care if the customer dies due to their food or more importantly they won’t care about the consumer’s health, which is obvious judging by what goes into the food that they’re serving. For many of the reasons above, I hope I have successfully convinced you to help stop the Fast Food Industry and the chains once and for all!

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