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The Same Nick

November 7, 2007
By Anonymous

I have a younger brother named Nick, he's 9 years old. He's like any younger sibling, annoying. He doesn't leave you alone, bugs you, tells on you for everything, but sometimes can be sweet, caring, helpful, funny, and a good brother.
Well, my brother has all of those qualities in him and one extra: Diabetes.
I always saw my brother as a normal kid not as "the kid with diabetes." He seemed pretty normal to me. He liked to do the same things any 3 year old kid would want to do.
I remember the day he had got it too. I was around 6 years old and my brother was around 3. I remember hearing my parents talk about him a lot saying "does Nick look okay to you" or "Nick has been acting a little funny lately, haven't you noticed"? I remember they use to worry a lot all of a sudden and when they started to worry that made me start to worry.
One day I remember my brother fell asleep...then he wouldn't wake up. Everything was happening so fast, my parents calling 911 telling them to hurry over. Hurry for what, that is what I was thinking. I kept trying to ask my parents what was wrong but all they would do is tell me to go up stairs or they wouldn't even answer me at all.
This big white truck pulled up and carried my brother away while both my parents followed. I remember my dad pulling my hand and taking me to my neighbor's house. I wanted to go but he told me to stay.
I waited all day at my neighbor's house, they kept telling me everything was going to be okay. That just led me to ask myself more questions, what was wrong? Was Nick going to be okay? Why did they take my brother and leave me? No one seemed to have an answer.
I remember waking up in my own bed and walking downstairs and my whole family is down there, my dad, mom, and my brother! Everything looked normal but something wasn't the same.
My parents told me Nick had diabetes. I had no clue what it was or what it meant but all I remember is them giving him shots and shots and more shots before he ate and after he ate.
As I got older I understood what diabetes was more and more. I guess it's where our body breaks down the sugars we eat but people with diabetes blood dose not break down sugars so we give him shots that help him break down the sugars.
My mom said we have to be real careful with what he eats and have to watch the carbs in everything. My mom showed me all the signs to when Nick's sugars are low and high. I thought this was the most confusing thing ever and thought our lives would never be the same.
Its been 6 years since that day my brother got diabetes. People may think that you're a different person if you are diagnosed with something but my brother is still the same annoying person. He doesn't leave you alone and bugs you to play with him. He tells on you for everything, but he can be sweet, caring, helpful, nice and fun to hang with. My little brother is just like any other sibling out there, only he lives with diabetes.

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