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Change your water, Change your life

July 11, 2011
By Amuhammd SILVER, Austell, Georgia
Amuhammd SILVER, Austell, Georgia
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For over many years, the human species have trusted and believed that regular water was beneficial to their health. Keeping them healthy while giving them the satisfying taste of water. However, water isn’t as safe to drink as we thought. It is to be said, that tapp water rusts the pipes. Know can you only imagine what the tapp water is doing inside of your body if it’s rusting the pipes. But I have a plan to save the world. Something that will get people talking.

What is Kangen water? It is one of many brands of alkaline water. The Kangen water and other of the ionized alkaline water products are said to have smaller molecules, which are readily absorbed by the body. Other waters like tapp, unprocessed bottled waters, for example: Dasani, Deer Park Water and Crystal Geyser have much larger molecules which can’t be readily distributed by the body. Therefore, it doesn’t give you the proper re- hydration and not reaching the individual cells.

Kangen water treats many things on the human body, as well as animals of all kinds. It can be used for cleaning property. It dissolves substances effectively for a thorough cleaning. It is also affective for cleaning your meats and vegetables. It can also be used for pet care. I believe that applying Kangen Water and other vey beneficial waters will decrease the need for doctor visits and sickness.

The Noni juice, which is supposed to be very rich with the antioxidants and other beneficial substances that can improve ones health, can be used to help remove cancer cells. Although it is very beneficial to you, it doesn’t have the greatest taste. Like they say “anything that tastes good is not good for you”. Noni juice is a tall perennial evergreen and a flowering tree shrub. The way Noni Juice works with the bodies cells is to open them up to better reception of nutrients. Noni juice can treat mouth and throat problems, like gum disease. Many doctors are treating diseases and high blood pressure with the Noni Juice. While drinking the Noni juice you don’t have to worry about what it's doing to your body. Only that it is benefiting your health.

Did you know that sprite is so acidic and unhealthy for your body that by drinking one cup of sprite you will have to drink 32 cups of 9.5 Kangen water just to neutralize a cup of soda? When you constantly drink and drink these acidic beverages you are constantly loosing your good cells in your body.

Did you know that eggs, chicken, beef and pork and many other foods are acidic and are bad for your body?

I plan to get the Kangen water across America, to benefit and maintain health. Who doesn’t want a healthier life?

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what i hope people all around the world will get is that, life is too short. the things that we are putting in ourselves is affecting us in so many ways. not just foods, medicines and drinks. and by drinking the kangen water and the noni juice it slows down the aging process. i mean, who wants to get old and unhealthy?

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